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Alumni Profile: Caroline Holmes

Currently a law student at UCLA, Caroline Holmes believes that Marymount gives students, like herself, “another chance to perform well and do all of the things that they are capable of doing.” Caroline credits all of her success to Marymount, and remembers where she began as she continues to succeed.

Alumni Profile: Alexa Ardeljan-Braden

Working in film development as a story editor for Radical Studio, Alexa Ardeljan-Braden believes the years at Marymount College were much more formative than she could have imagined. With her exeptional involvement Alexa found great success at Marymount that has continued into her new endeavors.

Alumni Profile: John Vandever

As a part of the first graduating class from Marymount College in 2012, John Vandever says, “At first I felt that being part of a first graduating class would be nothing special. However, considering how fast Marymount is moving and growing, I know that one day I will proudly be able to say that I was at the beginning of something special.” John recognizes that being the first class is not always easy, mentioning that there were uncertain times as the program took shape, but “the end result was a well-rounded experience.”

Checking In With Hikaru Hirata

This talented artist remembers his experience at Marymount as an important part of his development in the artist he is today. “From the warm welcome and support from the faculty and student body,” he credits his time at Marymount College as some of the best times of his life.

Alumni Profile: Nicole Buss

Alumna Nicole Buss ’02, was very happy to learn that the College now offers a bachelor’s degree in psychology. “I earned my A.A in psychology at Marymount, which allowed me to hit the ground running. Graduate programs require many prerequisites so a B.A will open lots of doors a lot sooner for psychology students,” she says. Buss should know- she recently earned her doctorate in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California.

Alumni Profile: Matthew Paterson

Alumnus Matthew Paterson ‘94 thanks Marymount Professors for much of his success in life. Matthew, who is a Worldwide Purchasing Manager at the technology company Maxim, says that his time at Marymount was “a definitive moment in my life that helped propelled me from uncertainty in what I could accomplish, to focusing on what I wanted to accomplish.”

Alumni Profile: Jaime Wu

Jaime Wu has traveled a great distance, literally and figuratively. She set out from Hong Kong five years ago to major in psychology at Marymount in spring 2008. She transferred to USC and received a Bachelor’s in Psychology magna cum laude with a minor in Forensics and Criminality. She then headed off to the University of Cambridge in the UK to earn a Master’s in Management.

Alumni Profile: Stefnie Huth

As a student at Marymount, 2012 graduate Stefnie Huth was always busy. “There were abundant opportunities,” she says. And Huth never turned down the chance to get involved. She did everything from taking on the role of President for the Business Club to founding and presiding over Toastmasters International. She even helped to pilot the new study abroad program in Hun Hin, Thailand, where she studied in her junior year.

Alumni Profile: John DiScala

This travel expert, racking up to 150,000 air miles, is touted for having one of America’s best “dream job.” He credits Marymount College for helping him find his way in life.

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