Members of the Queen of the Rosary Catholic Church in Lucerne visit Lakeside campus

Members of the Queen of the Rosary Catholic Church in LucerneSeveral members of the Queen of the Rosary Catholic Church in Lucerne paid a visit to Marymount California University, Lakeside on November 10.  They presented the University with a special gift of a plaque made from the original church doors of Queen of the Rosary Church.  The plaque features the carving of the original door on one side, and a photo of the church on the other.  Leanne Harvey, Facilities Director at MCU Lakeside, accepted the plaque on behalf of the University, then gave the guests a full tour of “The Castle,” which is home to the Lakeside Campus of Marymount California University.  Several of the guests shared their first-hand memories of The Castle and its history.  The plaque will be on display in the lobby of MCU Lakeside.  Hours of the University are Monday through Thursday, 1:30 – 5:30 p.m.  For more information, call 888-991-LAKE (5253.)

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