Educator of the Year award

Faculty Member of the Year, Michael FiletaFaculty Senate President Patrick McMahon presented the Educator of the Year award to Michael Fileta at the university’s annual employee service awards luncheon.

Nominated by his peers, Fileta has been an integral employee leader at Marymount California University for the past eight years. Michael has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to engage students. As a Residential Life staff member, Michael was recognized as Staff Member of the Year by Marymount students. The award, voted on solely by students, was a testament to Michael’s ability to connect with students.

Leaving Residential Life, Michael started working in Academic Advising. In the advising role, Michael assumed the responsibility of administrating the freshmen seminar program. Simultaneously, Michael co-taught a freshmen seminar class that served as a pilot for the revision of the university’s core curriculum. The pilot course built community research into its syllabus so that students could experience valuable, real-world learning. Michael also served an important role in designing Marymount’s Aspire, a program to engage academically at-risk students and student athletes. At the conclusion of the first Aspire program, students included in their end-of-the-semester remarks their tremendous appreciation for the teaching that enhanced their study skills, self-confidence, overall university engagement.

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and abundant energy to everything he does, whether it’s with Freshmen Seminar instructors, academic advisors, or Learning Center staff. Michael is known to be a valuable mentor to les experienced staff and faculty. Amazingly, Michael does all this while pursuing a Ph.D. in education and master’s degree in teaching, learning, and culture.

About Marymount

Marymount California University has two distinct campuses in Los Angeles County, each offering a unique set of learning opportunities.

  • Oceanview Campus, Palos Verdes
  • Waterfront Campus, San Pedro

Currently, first- and second-year students take core courses at our suburban Oceanview Campus. Upper division and graduate courses take place at our urban Waterfront Campus.