Capstone Project

Marymount Capstone presentations

Every Marymount BA student completes a senior Capstone project. Capstone projects, experiences, and deliverables vary across programs and students, allowing for a very individualized culminating experience in each BA program.

Through these projects, students gain experience in planning and designing an original project, conduct appropriate research to frame and ground their work, constructively critique and support one another’s work, and present in a professional setting. Students use the projects to demonstrate attainment of program learning outcomes, and are supported in their professional and academic growth along the way. Graduate and career preparation is directly enhanced by the development of skills, reflection, engagement, and record of work produced as part of the Capstone year.

Student Learning

In all our programs, MCU ensures that students advance their communication, analysis and decision-making skills, while broadening their appreciation of diverse perspectives and their ability to learn from experience. These Institutional Student Learning Outcomes flow from our commitment to Academic Excellence, Real World Learning and Character Formation.

Student Achievement

Students bring a rich array of talents and interests, leading to many forms of student achievement at MCU. What will you achieve? A distinctive Capstone presentation, surely. What else? Let MCU support your exploration and growth. Discover your interests. Develop your talents. And let your achievements shine.