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Admission Deadlines:

Fall 2015

February 1, 2015 — Priority Consideration Deadline*
March 1, 2015 — Regular Consideration Deadline**

*Applications received after this date are not eligible for Merit Scholarship awards.
**Applications received after this date will be considered as space is available. 

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Additional Information

This section provides more in-depth information on the following subjects: 

Personal Statement Appeal Process
Catholic Heritage Refunds
Academic GPA Application Deferral
Home-School Students Tuition Refunds
Committee Follow-Up Scholarship Resources

If you can't find what you are looking for here, please call us at 310-303-7311, email our office, or schedule a visit to our campus. 

Personal Statement

Though a personal statement is not required for admission, it often gives the admission committee a richer understanding of an applicant and is highly recommended

Five essay prompts are offered on the 2015 application for admission. Alternatively, applicants can choose to write on a subject of their choice.
  • Prompt 1: What one event has had the greatest impact on your life?
  • Prompt 2: It is ten years from now. Write yourself a letter.
  • Prompt 3: What inspires you? How have you integrated your passion into your life so far, and how is it involved in your plans for the future?
  • Prompt 4: What makes you unique? What can you contribute to the Marymount community that no one else can?
  • Prompt 5: Why did you choose to apply to Marymount California University? Why is the school a good fit for you?
Essay tips:
An effective personal statement should:
  • Give special insight into the applicant's background, culture, academic prowess, and moral character. 
  • Be free of spelling and grammatical errors. 
  • Offer a persuasive, professional, concise argument for why the candidate is worthy of admission. 
  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge about Marymount California University and a genuine desire to be admitted. 
  • Offer additional, supplemental information not found elsewhere in the application. 
  • Address any breaks in continuous education, judicial action taken against the student, enrollment in non-traditional schooling, a low GPA, etc.. 

*Personal statements are required of some students. See Early College Program, Committee Follow-up, and Home-School Students.

There is no minimum or maximum page limit; however, two or three double-spaced pages is usually sufficient.

Catholic Heritage

Marymount California University is a Catholic institution deeply rooted in the ideals of Catholic intellectual and faith tradition. In the spirit of our founders, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, we challenge our students to embody the values of integrity, respect for human dignity, commitment to justice, and willingness to serve.

Students of all faith traditions and backgrounds are welcome at Marymount, and there is no specific religious requirement or statement of faith necessary for admission.

We do not offer tuition discounts or scholarships to students who are coming to Marymount from another Catholic institution.  

Academic GPA

We have our own method of determining an applicant's academic GPA , which may be higher or lower than the cumulative GPA stated on the student's transcript. This is the official figure that we use for all admission decisions and scholarship consideration.

  • We calculate a cumulative GPA from the first semester of the 9th year through the last semester of the 11th year of high school.
  • We only calculate the grades from academic coursework. 
  • We do not give credit for courses that are not marked as "college preparatory" on the student's official transcript.
  • We offer additional credit for AP, IB, and Honors courses with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • We calculate NP and NCR grades as an "F."
  • We accept repeated classes, and use the highest grade received when calculating the student's GPA. This does not apply to classes that are not a direct repeat (i.e. will will not accept an Algebra 2 grade for a Geometry class or a Creative Writing grade for an English Composition class) 

Home-School Students

Home-schooled students are required to submit the following credentials and information for admission consideration:

  1. A general syllabus of course work (or private tutoring subjects) completed.
  2. Official transcripts from any secondary schooling (private or public) that may have been attempted if the candidate began home-schooling after the equivalent of the ninth year of education.
  3. One letter of recommendation from a non-family member.
  4. A statement explaining why the student, or the student's family, chose private tutoring, and what the student considers the advantages or disadvantages (if any) of a home school program.
  5. All candidates who have attempted course work at a community college or other university must ask the college registrar to send official copies of all transcripts to the Marymount Admissions Office.
  6. Standardized test results from SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and/or TOEFL is recommended but not required. 

Committee Follow-Up

Occasionally the admission committee will require more information to make a final decision on an application. In this event, a letter will be sent to the applicant listing the additional materials that are required. No further action will be taken on the file until all the requested documents have been received. These may include:

  • A personal statement addressing a specific issue in the applicant's academic history.
  • Final official high school transcript, showing graduation.
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from a high school official.
  • A scheduled interview with the student's admission counselor and the Director of Admission
  • A scheduled interview with a learning services counselor. 

Appealing a Refusal

Students who are refused admission have the opportunity to appeal the decision. To inquire about the process, please contact the admission office at 310.303.7311. 


We do not refund the $50.00 application fee.

We will refund commitment deposits until the May 1 deadline.

We will refund the housing deposit until a unit is issued to the student. Refunds will not be issued after July 1. 

We only accept refund requests directly from the applicant, unless the applicant is not of legal age, in which case the applicant's legal guardian may request the refund. 

Application Deferral

Applicants may defer their application for up to one full academic year, but must submit their most recent high school and/or college transcript(s). 

Tuition and Financial Aid Refunds


Withdrawal dates for refunds are defined as the date a completed Withdrawal Form is authorized by Academic Affairs and is received by Marymount’s Registrar’s Office.

Refund Request Form:

For students who are requesting a refund on their account due to withdrawal from the University (or if there is a credit balance on the account) a refund request form needs to be submitted to Business Services.

Processing Time and Holds:

Refund requests that are submitted by noon each Wednesday will usually be refunded by that Friday. Holds that have been placed on a student’s account by this or any other office may delay the process. No refunds will be issued if holds are in place. Please clear any holds placed before submitting a request.

Legal Requirements for Tuition Refund:

Refunds are only processed for accounts that have an actual (posted transactions) credit. We are unable to issue refund advances to students who have an account that reflects an anticipated forthcoming payment (e.g., company reimbursement, estimated loans, or pending financial aid). In cases where a third party has paid an account on behalf of a student, the refund will be made directly to the third party.

However, if the third party provides written authorization to the Student Accounts Coordinator allowing the excess funds to be disbursed to the student, the refund will be given to the student.

Loan Refunds/Financial Aid Refunds:

  • Refunds (from student loans) will only be disbursed after all charges have been paid and credited to your account.
  • In certain cases, federal refund requirements may supersede the University’s refund policy.
  • Recent changes in the federal student aid refund policy require that a schedule be used to determine how much federal financial aid the student has earned at the time of withdrawal.
  • It is strongly recommended that students consult the Financial Aid Office before initiating the withdrawal process in order to determine any potential liability owed by the student to the University. 

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