Campus Ministry

Welcome to Campus Ministry!

Education happens both inside and outside the classroom, and Marymount California University is committed to helping you grow in all dimensions of your life.

Campus Ministry can be a vibrant aspect of college life. We provide spiritual resources for personal growth and community life. We offer a variety of opportunities for you to learn more about your faith, to build friendships, or to volunteer. You may want to become involved in one of our liturgical ministries, attend a retreat or prayer group, or just stop in to talk with a Campus Minister. Getting involved in our programs and activities will be a way to develop your gifts, explore values and moral issues, expand your ideas, and serve others.

The community celebration of the Eucharist every Tuesday at 1 PM in our Chapel is the heart of campus spiritual life. Special seasonal celebrations, discussion groups, and interfaith prayer opportunities are also provided. We look for ways to welcome persons of all faiths to participate in our common spiritual journey. Through dialogue and exchange, students are enriched by the breadth of religious diversity represented among Marymount students, faculty, and staff.

We would like to play a part in your MCU experience, and hope you will share your talents, passions and ideas with us. College life is bound to have its share of exciting and, perhaps, anxious moments. We want you to know that we are here to assist you in any way we can. The Chaplain’s office is located in Oceanside 107. Please feel free to drop in any time.

–Fr. Mark Villano, University Chaplain

Campus Ministry

Phone: (310) 303-7342
Location: Oceanside 108B

Mission Statement:
Campus Ministry at Marymount California is the pastoral expression of the University’s mission and identity. Rooted in the Catholic faith, inspired by the legacy of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM) and enriched by the diverse religious traditions represented on campus, Campus Ministry seeks to serve the spiritual needs of students, staff and faculty. Campus Ministry contributes to the educational mission of Marymount California University by providing religious education, strengthening community life, nourishing prayer and spirituality, and serving our neighbors.