Latino Leadership and Policy Institute

Holding steadfast to its Catholic mission, Marymount California University actively recruits and educates academically underserved populations.  With more than 33 percent of its student body comprised of Hispanic full-time students, the university provides education and resources for these first-generation, primarily low-income Hispanic students. This commitment has earned the university the esteemed title of being a federally designated Hispanic-Serving Institution.

However, while Hispanic students receive an academic foundation to succeed in life it is discouraging to witness the underrepresentation of Hispanics in academic and political leadership. That’s why Marymount California University initiated the Latino Leadership and Policy Institute (LLPI) as an entity to foster societal change.
“Latinos are proportionally underrepresented among elected officials at state and local levels and are also disproportionately underrepresented in academia, administrative and executive positions at all levels of government,” said Marymount President Michael Brophy. “As a result, issues most important to the Latino population do not always come to the forefront in the development of public policy,” said Dr. Brophy.
The first program offered by the LLPI will be a summit for public sector leaders facilitated by Dr. Ted Martinez, Jr., who formerly served as the Superintendent/President of the Rio Hondo Community College District and who is a dedicated role model for Latinos in academia. Read Dr. Ted Martinez, Jr.'s bio.

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