San Pedro Residential Campus

A Place to Call Home

In April 2013, the Planning Commission of the City of Los Angeles approved the development of a 20-year facility plan for Marymount California University’s residential campus, located at 1600 Palos Verdes Dive North in San Pedro. Currently, this University location provides student residential living in 86 townhomes and offers recreational space for basketball, volleyball and a pavilion for student events.

San Pedro Residential Campus MapThe University plans to develop a five-phase, undergraduate and graduate campus at this site to serve 1,500 students––with 847 of those students also living in residence. Included in the plan is a dining facility, classrooms, laboratories, studios, maintenance facility and administrative offices. 

“The San Pedro Residential Campus master plan centers on developing a small satellite campus where students will live, attend classes and study,” said Marymount California University President Michael S. Brophy, Ph.D., M.F.A. “Projects will be completed in steps over the next 20 years. First steps will include the construction of an aesthetically pleasing parking lot to curtail street parking on Palos Verdes Drive North, as well as a maintenance facility, and upgrades to the existing townhomes to accommodate the growing need for student housing.”

Subsequent steps include the construction of student facilities, a dining commons and recreational features and, eventually, new residential units built in the iconic “California Craftsman” style.

Before seeking City of Los Angeles approval for this development, the University sought the input and approval of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council and the Harbor City Neighborhood Council in community-invited forums, and discussed plans with the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, as well. In all cases, the plans were met with enthusiasm for the development of a college campus in San Pedro.

“While the origin of Marymount California University will always be its Rancho Palos Verdes campus, we are truly excited about our presence in San Pedro and all that this wonderful community has to offer,” said Dr. Brophy. “As our University continues to advance, cooperation and collaboration with our communities will remain central to Marymount’s success.”



Marymount students named some of their favorite off-campus restaurants.

Did yours make the list?
  • Niko’s Pizzeria (San Pedro)
  • George’s Greek Cafe (Long Beach)
  • Sirinat Thai (San Pedro)
  • Burger Lounge (Santa Monica)
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes (on the SprinklesMobile!)
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