Dr. Ariane Schauer

Dr. Ariane Schauer
Provost and Dean of Faculty
Professor, Economics
Ph.D in Economics at UCLA

Leadership Seminar
Perspectives on Global Development
Economic Systems and Innovation
Marymount California University is a place of learning and community, a place where we all stretch, grow, and learn from one another. Students know we care about them, and they also see our own curiosity and intellectual engagement with the world around us. In my years here, I have not only taught Economics and Leadership, I have also continually enjoyed new opportunities to engage in the life of the University and grow as an educator. Marymount encourages us to explore within and across disciplines, to ask, create, and connect, to provide community to one another, and to ponder the Art of Being Human… all of which makes it a daily pleasure to teach and serve here at Marymount! I welcome your questions and ideas.


At Marymount California University, we see academics differently. Our classes encourage conversation and collaboration. Our range of opportunities spans three distinct campus settings. Our professors bring field expertise to the classroom and help you succeed in the real world.