Department of Institutional Technology

Students on computers at Marymount California University

Campus-wide Technology Solutions

From email and Internet access to the Oceanside computer center, Marymount California University students, faculty and staff enjoy the latest in software and hardware for academic and administrative purposes.

We keep you connected by:

  • Building a reliable infrastructure that meets Marymount’s present and future technology and communication needs
  • Maintaining technology-enabled classrooms and labs
  • Supporting technology that enhances and expands the teaching and learning environment
  • Providing specialized technical support services
  • Delivering internet and classroom-based training programs

The University plans to integrate technology as a tool to further strengthen academic and administrative services. This includes implementing the remaining modules of CAMS Enterprise solutions and additional features of the faculty and student portals, such as degree audit and online registration and payment processing. Institutional Technology staff members will provide faculty and staff training to maximize use of these features and modules.

In collaboration with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the faculty, we will develop a set of required competencies related to the use of instructional technology. These competencies will be incorporated into the University technology plan and will include strategies for training and professional development.

To encourage the infusion of technology into the curriculum, Institutional Technology continues to develop opportunities and identify resources that foster innovations and include professional development opportunities in instructional design.


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Monte Schmeiser

Kenny Phu
Senior Network Analyst

Mike Ricci
Operations Manager / Infrastructure Architect

Daniel Stiles
Network Analyst

Devin Griffith
End-user Specialist/Training

James Neiditch
PC Coordinator

Institutional Technology

Phone: (310) 303-7268

Campus Locations:
 Adjacent to the Commons
Waterfront:  WF108
Lakeside:  Visit the Reception Desk

Support available 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday