Student Laptop Program

In an effort to prepare our students for a mobile technology workforce and to enhance the student’s experience within the campus community, Marymount California University has adopted laptop recommendations. Owning your own laptop will open endless possibilities for connecting to the Internet, your Marymount email account, Marymount’s Learning Management System (LMS), not to mention the ability to take online courses, take notes in class, participate in online discussion groups, conduct research and have access to course registration, class schedules, course syllabi and more.


Marymount has relationships with several vendors to provide discounted hardware and software. We encourage you to take advantage of the discounts they can offer. If you do not own a laptop and are thinking about purchasing one before you come to Marymount, we recommend using the sites listed below to shop for discounted laptops and software packages.


  • Microsoft Office is provided free for MCU students. Simply log into your MCU email and select download.
  • Adobe software is also provided free for students – please contact the helpdesk to gain access.


MCU maintains a relationship with Dell and offers discounting on laptops at the MCU Dell Store

Apple also offers discounts to students. More information can be found by visiting


Important Information: If you need assistance in covering the cost of a laptop for your education needs, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Institutional Technology

Phone: (310) 303-7268

Campus Locations:
 Adjacent to the Commons

Support available 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

Student Learning

In all our programs, MCU ensures that students advance their communication, analysis and decision-making skills, while broadening their appreciation of diverse perspectives and their ability to learn from experience. These Institutional Student Learning Outcomes flow from our commitment to Academic Excellence, Real World Learning and Character Formation.

Student Achievement

Students bring a rich array of talents and interests, leading to many forms of student achievement at MCU. What will you achieve? A distinctive Capstone presentation, surely. What else? Let MCU support your exploration and growth. Discover your interests. Develop your talents. And let your achievements shine.