Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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The Marymount California University MBA program prepares students for effective and ethical entrepreneurial leadership in a global interconnected economy. MBA students develop analytical, applied, and interpersonal skills within an interdisciplinary community of practice to recognize, interpret, present, and lead business solutions to societal and organizational challenges. The program uniquely combines management, leadership, and fieldwork to prepare for effective professional roles in for-profit or non-profit organizations as well as start-ups.

The Marymount California University graduate programs were developed with the busy, working professional in mind. The flexible class schedule, including evening, weekend and online courses, means that you can reach your educational and career goals, while continuing to maintain a balanced life. The 36-unit master’s degree program in business is designed for quick completion of your degree. With coursework that is relevant and tailored to your career goals, your educational experience will emphasize the critical competencies, practical knowledge and skills for the real world. What’s more, all master’s level courses are taught by highly accomplished and accessible professors who care about your success.

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Master of Business Administration

Marymount California University’s MBA program uniquely and explicitly connects the tools of economics, technology, and marketing to entrepreneurship and business development. Courses cover essential skills for business leaders, along with a relevant and practical exploration of today’s management environment.

Through a common core of courses taken by all master’s-level students, you will gain essential leadership knowledge as you participate in comprehensive, experience-driven learning.  In addition, our relevant and rigorous core curriculum will allow you to:

1. Develop a personal leadership philosophy by reflecting on leadership theories and attributes, and acquiring the leadership skills and abilities necessary to motivate others toward common goals.

2. Demonstrate a consistent evidence-based decision-making approach using rigorous analysis and interpretation of business data with appropriate tools and techniques.

3. Identify, define, research, and analyze an organizational problem or question, leading to a sustainable business plan or set of actionable recommendations that balances ethical, economic and other considerations.

4. Integrate global, cultural, technical and economic considerations into analysis of business opportunities.

5. Utilize peer feedback to support a spirit of inquiry, reflection, mutual respect, and quality improvement within a community of practice.

From Theory to Action

Core curriculum for the Master of Business Administration includes:

Marymount Leadership Core (8 units)

ID 530

Leadership (3)

CD 500*

Professional Practice and Ethics (4)

GIS 500*

Geospatial Analytics Lab (1)

MBA Foundations  (18 units)

ACCT 501

Accounting and Finance for Managers (3)

BUS 550 *

Marketing Strategy (3)

BUS 550L *

Market Research and Analytics Lab (1)

BUS 561 *

Organizational Strategy and Planning (3)

BUS 512 *

Business Writing and Communication* (1)

ECO 520

Economics for Planning (3)

BUS 597

Fieldwork: Exploration (1)

BUS 640

Statistics, Decision-making and Modeling (3)

MBA Electives (4 units from the following)

BUS 515

Innovation Management (2)

BUS 535

Global Entrepreneurship and Economic Development* (2)

BUS 560

Organizational Systems (2)



MBA Field Project (6 units)

BUS 697*

Research Seminar I: Project proposal* (3)

BUS 698**

Research Seminar II: Presentation (3)

**BUS 697 is a prerequisite for BUS 698      (*) Online/Distance

Total units: 36 

NOTE: All courses must be passed with a grade of B or higher.


Apply What You Learn
You will apply what you learn in class as you interact with Marymount’s community of master’s students, and while you participate in three semesters of fieldwork, including mentored action research within a business setting. You also will study the leadership attributes of successful business people and reflect on your personal journey of applying evolving business knowledge and leadership skills to your own business life.

Marymount California University campuses provide unique locations for the study of business leadership.  The Waterfront Campus, in the vibrant Los Angeles community of San Pedro, offers a close-up view of urban renewal and the ability to examine the roles of commerce and business in revitalizing a historic neighborhood. The Lakeside Campus, in Lake County, California, offers a glimpse of the role of business in rural development areas.

Master’s degree candidates also may choose to complete their fieldwork research with their current employers. Your fieldwork will culminate in a professional presentation of your research and set the stage for future professional roles.

Life Beyond Marymount

Marymount California University’s Office of Career Services and Internships can help you sharpen your focus on objectives and begin to clarify your career goals. With assistance from our experienced faculty and staff, you can take a proactive role in your professional pursuits by identifying resources and strategies that will help build your professional network.

B.A./MBA Five-Year Pathway

A five-year B.A./MBA option is available for qualified Marymount undergraduate students who wish to apply for admission to the graduate program in their junior year. Accepted students will begin taking graduate courses (up to nine units) in their senior year and finish their MBA within 15 months of their bachelor’s degree completion. To plan for a B.A./MBA Pathway, Marymount students should consult with an academic advisor.


For more information about admission into the MBA program, call 310-303-7306 or email

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