IT Services Projects

Below is a list and schedule of the current and planned Institutional Technology Projects.
Project Title Description IT Lead Name/Phone Project Status Project Dates Project Sponsor Sponsor Project Manager Last Updated
Single Sign On Provide a one stop shop for Students. Allow consolidation of resources under this single point of entry.  Lucas Simmons Design/Budget Planning 8/1/15 to 12/1/15 N/A Monte Schmeiser 9/9/15
Gym Build IT will be installing technology in the new gym area at SPRC Daniel Stiles
95% Complete 7/1/15 to 10/15/15 President's Office Richard Schulz/Mike Ricci 9/9/15
Desktop Replacement IT will be replacing approximately 80 computers across the Oceanview Campus. James Neiditch
10% Complete 9/1/15 to 12/1/15 ITS N/A 9/9/15
Server Room Power We will be upgrading the power in our server room to further scale to campus needs Mike Ricci
Design 9/1/15 to 10/1/15 ITS Jim Reeves 9/9/15
Server Migration Certain parts of our infrastructure will be migrated offsite to better serve the institutions growing needs Mike Ricci
Design 9/1/15 to 4/1/16 ITS Jim Reeves 9/9/15
Email Server Upgrade Email will be upgraded from Exchange to Office 365. This will allow increased email storage for staff and faculty Mike Ricci
Planning 9/1/15 to 2/1/16 ITS N/A 9/9/15

Please note: All projects are scheduled around normal business operations, to cause minimum impact to the campus community. Schedule is subject to change. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Ricci at

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