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Internships Help Undergrads Gain Experience; Clarify Interests

By John McCrudden, Director of Career Services and Internships Over the last several years of the economic recovery, career specialists noticed that employers were requiring two years of experience for entry-level positions. Due to the oversupply of talented and experienced job applicants, recent college grads were feeling the pressure of

Interning at DreamWorks Animation Television

Marymount California University senior Lauren Harf is currently an intern in the Human Resources Department at DreamWorks Animation Television. Harf assists the Human Resources team with general human resources administrative work, such as the new hire orientation, new hire I-9 documentation, employee status change forms, and other important tasks. Her

Interning at SpaceX

Marymount student Cynthia Lopez competed with students around the world for the prestigious internship at SpaceX. SpaceX is a company that designs, manufacturers and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. Lopez shares how interning for SpaceX allowed her to

Lake Family Resource Center

Recent Marymount California University graduate Joy Green completed her internship at Lake Family Resource Center located in Lakeport, California.The Lake Family Resource Center offers services to families living in Lake County. The mission of the Lake Family Resource Center is to “achieve safe, sustainable, healthy families and community.”Most of the

Marymount Internships: The Washington Center

Laura Hernandez is the first Marymount California University student to be accepted into The Washington Center. The prestigious TWC gives interns an insider’s view of how the world really thinks and works. Laura participated in the academic internship program, which enables students to gain the experience needed for entry-level employment and to prepare for lives of achievement, engagement and leadership.

Student Learning

In all our programs, MCU ensures that students advance their communication, analysis and decision-making skills, while broadening their appreciation of diverse perspectives and their ability to learn from experience. These Institutional Student Learning Outcomes flow from our commitment to Academic Excellence, Real World Learning and Character Formation.

Student Achievement

Students bring a rich array of talents and interests, leading to many forms of student achievement at MCU. What will you achieve? A distinctive Capstone presentation, surely. What else? Let MCU support your exploration and growth. Discover your interests. Develop your talents. And let your achievements shine.