MCU’s Celebration of Scholars Recognizes Faculty Achievements

When Marymount became a bachelor’s degree-granting institution in 2010, the library grew its collection and online databases, but also sought to become a more visible hub for scholarship. So began the annual Celebration of Scholarship, an event hosted by the library for scholars from across disciplines to come together and share their work. The evening not only promotes academic camaraderie but also opens avenues for collaboration and for mentoring student research.

As the program has grown each year with contributions from full-time faculty, as well as adjuncts and staff who teach, it reminds us what an accomplished community we truly have here at MCU. Featured presenters at the 2018 Celebration of Scholarship, held March 22, 2018, in order of appearance, were:

  • Bruce Schwartz – presented a selection from his latest film, Finding Sara, to be completed this summer. Schwartz has an extensive filmmaking history, having written and produced films for the last thirty years, including the sequel to a film that won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short, Make a Wish, Molly, which starred Mila Kunis when she was 11 years old.
  • Cal Caswell – presented the chapter he wrote for the book, Creating Entrepreneurs: Making Miracles Happen, which was created and edited by Dr. Fred Kiesner, LMU professor of entrepreneurship. Chapter 21, “Creating the University-Based Entrepreneurship Resource Center,” was a 22-page overview of the establishment of an entrepreneurship resource center co-sponsored by the United States Small Business Administration (US SBA).
  • Thea A. Domingo – presented A Melody for Prosperity, an overview of the planning and execution of a musical benefit concert. With performances by the Filharmonic, RAFFIA, and LACEI, proceeds raised for the event benefited the Raffia Music Studio Lesson Voucher Program—providing free music lessons to the underprivileged children of Community’s Child.
  • John Alexander, Ph.D. & Kevin Barnese, Ph.D. – presented Synthesis of Thiazylidinedione for Diabetes and Other Diseases, which engages MCU students in a pharmaceutical study of potential treatments for diabetes.
  • Valerie H. Little, Ed. D. – presented her dissertation, A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Three Organizations that Help African American Women get Elected to Public Office at the Local, State, and Federal Levels, which has great significance for future organizations that intend to develop political leadership training programs that focus on the abilities and talents of African American women.
  • Silvana Constantinescu, Ph.D. – presented Understanding Seasonal Variation in Lipid and Carbohydrate Transport and Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle of Brown Bears, which engages MCU students in research that may offer insight into targets for the treatment of insulin-resistance in humans.

  • Debra Lacey – Ballet and modern are two fully developed styles of dance, each with its own syllabus of movement. Over the years each has borrowed from the other to form what can be loosely be called a type of contemporary freestyle. Lacey’s presentation investigated the beginning steps to create a separate, new syllabus that infuses traditional ballet and modern techniques into one formalized study.
  • Daryl K. Ono, Ph.D. – presented Regulatory Reforms That Are Economic Value Added (EVA) to the For-Profit Education Sector, in which Ono contends that if regulated correctly, the for-profit education sector offers economic value added (EVA) to non-traditional students and society in general, and makes a case for its reestablishment with appropriate controls.
  • Richard Ryan – presented A Generalized Fermat Equation with an Emphasis on Non-Primitive Solutions in which he studies variations of the original Fermat equation, xm + yn = zr.