Small Means More

Skip the big-school bureaucracy. Get the classes you need to graduate on time. Don’t settle for feeling like a number.

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Access the small-school advantage

Marymount California University’s small and personal environment focuses on you as a unique person. Here’s how our small-school setting works to your advantage:

More focus on your talents
You won’t be a nameless face in the crowd. People here will know your story — and fuel your potential.

More connections with faculty
Build a mentor for life and make moves for your career. Especially when securing internships, our students connect with their instructors’ professional networks.

More unique approaches to class
You might dissect controversial issues in mini-circle discussions. Or explore specific industries with onsite visits that go behind the scenes. At MCU, traditional lectures are balanced with opportunities to tackle hands-on projects and work with real clients.

More time for your questions
Our average class size is 17 students, which means it’s easy to get face-time with your instructors. And the chance to get to know your fellow classmates is a plus.

More chances to prove yourself
Don’t be surprised when your professors give you just the right nudge to push you further. They’ll spot your strengths and help you pinpoint a setting — an internship, a research fellowship, a leadership role — where you will truly shine.

What will you accomplish at Marymount?

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