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Now’s your time to shine. Marymount’s small campus, connected professors and real-world experiences open up the world to you. See how our students, alumni and professors are making their mark on the world.

Student Cody Rosa

Cody Rosa

Business major and SpaceX buyer

How can a college student play a part in revolutionizing space technology?

Business major Cody Rosa leveraged his futuristic internship with SpaceX into a full-time role at the rocket and spacecraft company’s headquarters, where it’s commercializing space travel for everyday people.

Thea Domingo digital communication media major

Thea Domingo

Digital communication media major and Grammys intern

How do you explore nonperformance careers in the entertainment industry?

Digital communication major Thea Domingo landed a hyper-competitive internship with the Grammys, where she met last year’s nominees — from the director of La La Land to the songwriter behind 30+ Top 10 hits.

Arielle Acosta criminal justice major

Arielle Acosta

Criminal justice major

How do you know whether you’re a better fit for private practice or public service?

Criminal justice major Arielle Acosta found out through three practical internships with a federal agency, a law firm and the public defender’s office.

Hunter Ryan business major

Hunter Ryan

Digital communication media and business major

How do you stand out in a sea of business students?

Business major Hunter Ryan is diversifying his experiences near and far — from filming documentaries to interning in Thailand to studying in Italy.

Jacqueline Cootes psychology major

Jacqueline Cootes

Psychology and biology major

What’s the best way to reach your career destination?

Take the path that inspires you. Jacqueline Cootes chose MCU’s psychology major on her way to the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.

Dominique Vazquez digital communication media major

Dominique Vazquez

Digital communication media major and film intern

How do you make the leap from movie nut to movie maker?

Digital communication media major Dominique Vazquez is diving in head first.