Academic Resources

Students at Graduation

There’s more to academic success than just what’s inside the classroom. This is the place for resources to help you be a successful Marymount California University student.

Advising Services
Advising, Career, and Learning Services offers academic advising services to help ensure students have a clear path to graduation. Students are assigned an advisor, who assists them with course selection and development of a degree plan.

Career Services for Students
Advising, Career, and Learning Services provides opportunities for career explorations and the chance to develop real world experiences, including Internships, Practica, and meetings with professionals in the field.

Disability Resources
Marymount California University is committed to making all programs and services accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Services for students who have physical, sensory, attention and learning disabilities are provided through Advising, Career, and Learning Services and the coordinator of Disability Resources.

Learning Services
Advising, Career, and Learning Services works with students at all levels—developmental through honors—including those with disabilities. Available Learning Services include tutoring for both lower and upper division courses, study skills tutoring and workshops, peer partner, study hall for student athletes, and math study groups. We are committed to providing a comfortable learning environment, which fosters respect and the belief that all students can succeed.

With a collection of more than 23,000 print books and over 114,000 e-books covering all subject areas, and access to over 32,000 magazines, journals and newspapers, the Marymount California University Library is focused on supporting the curricular and personal information needs of its students, faculty and staff.

Educational Technology is your access to Marymount’s LMS (Learning Management System). Students are expected to use to access their courses, syllabi, course content, assignments, course calendars, student activities, gradebooks, and more. Support is available to assist students in navigating this critical learning resource.

Office of the Registrar
The Registrar assists MCU students with registration, accessing transcripts, conferral of degrees, and insuring accuracy and privacy of institutional and student academic records. A variety of online resources, forms and tools are also available to facilitate student academic progress at Marymount California University.

Prior Learning
Marymount California University recognizes and values the college-level learning that students receive prior to joining us at our school. In addition to transferred coursework completed at another school, students may use other methods to earn credit for what they already know.

Faculty Directory
At Marymount you will find inspiring faculty who love working directly with students, engage in the community, develop real world learning projects and mentor student research. Explore the listing of our faculty by department.


At Marymount California University, we see academics differently. Our classes encourage conversation and collaboration. Our professors bring field expertise to the classroom and help you succeed in the real world.

Student Learning

In all our programs, MCU ensures that students advance their communication, analysis and decision-making skills, while broadening their appreciation of diverse perspectives and their ability to learn from experience. These Institutional Student Learning Outcomes flow from our commitment to Academic Excellence, Real World Learning and Character Formation.

Student Achievement

Students bring a rich array of talents and interests, leading to many forms of student achievement at MCU. What will you achieve? A distinctive Capstone presentation, surely. What else? Let MCU support your exploration and growth. Discover your interests. Develop your talents. And let your achievements shine.