Advanced Placement

Marymount recognizes the high level of achievement of those students who have successfully completed Advanced Placement (AP) examinations with a score of 3, 4, or 5.

Students must submit official AP scores from the College Board to the Registrar’s Office prior to registration to receive appropriate course credit.

Below is a chart detailing the courses and units awarded based on their specific scores:

AP ExaminationScoreCoursesUnitsNotes
Art History3,4,5AM 101/2016
Biology3,4,5SCI 240/2418
Calculus-AB3,4,5MTH 1304
Calculus-BC3,4,5MTH 1314
Chemistry3,4,5SCI 220/22110
Computer Science3,4,5CS 1963
Economics (Micro)3,4,5ECO 2203
Economics (Macro)3,4,5ECO 2213
English Composition & Literature3Elective Unites3Placement is in ENG 112
English Composition & Literature4ENG 1126Elective credit if have credit for both Comp & Lit and Language & Comp
English Composition & Literature5ENG 112 & 3 Elective units4Elective credit if have credit for both Comp & Lit and Language & Comp
English Language & Composition3Elective Units3Placement is in ENG 112
English Language & Composition4ENG 1123
English Language & Composition5ENG 1123
Environmental Science3.4.5SCI 1704
French3Elective Units4
French4Elective Units8
French5Global/Diversity Core12
Geography, Human3.4.5Global/Diversity Core3
Government and Politics, Comparative3.4.5POL 2203
Government and Politics, U. S.3.4.5POL 1003
History, European3.4.5HIS 100/1016
History, United States3.4.5HIS 120/1216
History, World3.4.5Global/Diversity Core6
Music Theory3.4.5Creative Thinking Core6
Physics B3.4.5Natural World Core3
Physics B + C: Mechanics3.4.5SCI 2305
Physics B + C: Electricity & Magnetism3.4.5SCI 2315
Psychology3.4.5PSY 1503
Spanish3SPA 1004
Spanish4SPA 100/1018
Spanish5SPA 100/101/20012
Statistics3Elective Units4Does not satisfy quantitative reasoning requirement.
Statistics4MATH 2704
Statistics5MATH 2704
Studio Art -Drawing3,4,5Creative Thinking Core3
Studio Art – 2D3,4,5AM 1203
Studio Art – 3D3,4,5Creative Thinking Core3