College Level Examination Prep (CLEP)

Marymount accepts scores from College Board’s CLEP exams and has identified the course and elective credit equivalents.

Students must submit official CLEP scores from College Board to the Registrar’s Office prior to registration to receive appropriate course credit.

Students whose CLEP exam scores meet the following minimums will be awarded course and elective credit based on the chart below:

American GovernmentPOL 100503
American LiteratureCreative Thinking (PS4)503
Analyzing and Interpreting LiteratureCreative Thinking (PS4)503
CalculusMTH 130504
ChemistrySCI 115504
College AlgebraQuantitative Reasoning (A2)504
College CompositionENG 112503
College Composition ModularENG 112503
College MathematicsQuantitative Reasoning (A2)503
English LiteratureCreative Thinking (PS4)503
Financial AccountingElective503
French or German LanguageElectiveScore of 50-59 earns 4 units
Score of 60 or higher earns 8 units
4 or 8 depending on score
History of the United States IHIS 120503
History of the United States IIHIS 121503
Human Growth and DevelopmentPSY 220503
HumanitiesCreative Thinking (PS4)503
Information Systems and Computer ApplicationsCareer Related Technology (R2)503
Introduction to Educational PsychologyUD PSY elective503
Introductory Business LawElective503
Introductory PsychologyPSY 150503
Introductory SociologySOC 100503
Natural SciencesNatural World (PS3)503
PrecalculusMTH 105504
Principles of MacroeconomicsECO 221503
Principles of ManagementElective503
Principles of MarketingElective503
Principles of MicroeconomicsECO 220503
Social Sciences and HistoryElective503
Spanish LanguageSPA 100
SPA 100 + 101
Score of 50-59 earns 4 units
Score of 60 or higher earns 8 units
4 or 8 depending on score
Western Civilization IHIS 100503
Western Civilization IIHIS 101503


Duplication with college courses and other exams

Courses taken before or after attending MCU may duplicate AP, IB, CLEP and DSST credit and exams may duplicate each other (for example, an AP or IB exam in the same subject area). Credit will be not be granted for any duplication- credit will only be granted once.