Portfolio Review

A student may request to provide a portfolio of documentation which demonstrates that their prior learning has met a specific course or subject’s learning outcomes.

This process is called Portfolio Review and is initiated by the student using the CBE/Portfolio Review Application within the student’s first year of matriculation. The fee for a Portfolio Review is $400 per portfolio and a maximum of 30 credits may be earned through Portfolio Review.

The following grid details the courses which are eligible for Portfolio Review:

Portfolio Review Eligible Courses
Course CodeCourse NameReview
ACCT 151Financial AccountingYes
ACCT 201Managerial AccountingYes
ACCT 351Intermediate Accounting INo
ACCT 352Intermediate Accounting IINo
ACCT 353Federal Income Taxation INo
ACCT 354Federal Income Taxation IINo
ACCT 453AuditingNo
ACCT 454CPA Exam Preparation & ReviewNo
AM 100Fundamentals of Arts & MediaNo
AM 101Western Civilization to the RenaissanceNo
AM 102History of Broadcast MediaNo
AM 104Introductory HTML & PHPYes
AM 105Introduction to Arts & Media MethodologyYes
AM 111Drawing 1Yes
AM 112/CAR/
ENG 118
Introduction to JournalismYes
AM 120Digital FoundationsYes
AM 121Digital ColorYes
AM 122/ART/
CAR 175
Video Production Methods 1Yes
AM 131PaintingYes
AM 132/ART/
CAR 173
Film Production Methods 1Yes
AM 141Digital Page LayoutYes
AM 151Digital Photography IYes
AM 201Western Civilization Art to the RenaissanceYes
AM 202/CAR/ID 148History of FilmYes
AM 203Digital 3D ModelingYes
AM 204Website Design 1Yes
AM 211Asian Art & ArchitectureYes
AM 212Television & Film Production Business PracticesYes
AM 213Digital Video Motion GraphicsYes
AM 214Website Design 2Yes
AM 221History of Graphic DesignYes
AM 222Video Production Methods 2Yes
AM 231Three Dimensional DesignYes
AM 232/ART/
CAR 174
Film Production Methods 2Yes
AM 241Digital Photography & ImagingYes
AM 242/ART/
CAR 176
Digital Audio Production & EditingYes
AM 251Digital Publication DesignYes
AM 252Digital Video Editing 1Yes
AM 261Digital TypographyYes
AM 271Digital IllustrationYes
AM 301Contemporary ArtYes
AM 302/CAR/
ENG 119
AM 303Digital 3d Animation 1Yes
AM 304History of MultimediaYes
AM 311Digital Advertising DesignYes
AM 312Digital Video Editing 2Yes
AM 314Interactive Motion GraphicsYes
AM 321Digital Package DesignYes
AM 324Interactive Website DesignYes
AM 334Website TechNologiesYes
AM 350Junior Research and Conceptual DevelopmentYes
AM 400Directing for Film, TV and TheaterYes
AM 403Digital 3d Animation 2Yes
AM 497Arts & Media Senior SeminarNo
AM 498Arts & Media Senior Project & ExhibitionNo
ANT/PSY/SOC 235Introduction to Statistics for the Study of BehaviorNo
ANT/PSY/SOC 240Research Methods for the Study of BehaviorNo
ART 108World History of ArchitectureYes
ART 111Drawing Techniques IIYes
ART 131Beginning Painting IIYes
ART 171Fundamentals of Photography IIYes
ART 221Life Drawing IYes
ART 223Life Drawing IIYes
ART 224Life Drawing IIIYes
ART 230Intermediate Painting IYes
ART 231Intermediate Painting IIYes
THE 185
Backstage with the ArtsNo
BUS 110Introduction to BusinessYes
BUS 130Personal FinanceNo
BUS 215Retail MerchandisingNo
BUS 260Business LawYes
BUS 270Small Business ManagementYes