Bachelor of Science in Accounting

MCU BS in Accounting degree

Imagine Your Amazing Life

Imagine completing an accounting program in which you build your accounting expertise along with a strong foundation in the many functions of business all the while being mentored by faculty with professional experience as well as academic qualifications who support your effort to get the absolute most out of your educational experience.

Imagine a meaningful internship in your field of interest providing real world experience in your area of interest in which you practice your learning and skills prior to beginning your job search.

Imagine completing your degree with a digital resume showcasing your academic achievements and hands on experience that you can show to potential employers or graduate schools.

Imagine accelerating your education by completing both the BSA and an MBA at Marymount. This path allows you to begin graduate-level courses during the senior year of your BSA saving you time and money while you make progress towards the CPA 150 unit course requirement.  (For BS-MBA course planning, students should consult with an academic adviser.)

Now stop imagining.

Marymount alumni have reached professional success in all areas of business. Many former students own their own businesses, while others work in finance, management and marketing for companies such Toyota, Raytheon and Oracle. Your amazing life can also come into view with a Marymount California University Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

The Marymount California University Accounting degree will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Your classes will be small in size, which will allow you to fully engage in learning––including case study presentations, discussion and reflection on what you’ve learned. You will receive individual faculty mentoring from your professors. Accounting students have many unique opportunities, including practical internships, where you can apply what you’ve learned in the classroom and make valuable connections with business professionals. Our goal is to graduate students who are prepared for the working world or graduate school––with an impressive resume and unique accomplishments. Also the University’s Oceanview campus is in close proximity to all that Los Angeles offers.

Build a Solid Foundation

Whether you are planning to pursue graduate study or to work in the field of accounting, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Marymount California University will prepare you for what lies ahead. The Accountancy curriculum is designed to meet the general education goals of those entering the accounting profession. The curriculum has been designed to ensure consistency towards meeting the requirements established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and California Board of Accountancy (CBA) educational requirements of the California CPA Certificate. (A total of 150 units is required).

This means that you will be taking courses and developing skills that the AICPA and CBA feels are critical to the study of accounting.  In the freshman and sophomore years, students will build an educational foundation in accounting and core competencies that will prepare you for upper division studies; including requirements in Accounting, Management, Finance and Statistics.

Develop a Deeper Level of Understanding


Globalization, a growing economy, and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to lead to strong demand for accountants.   Potential careers related to accounting include but are not limited to careers in the private, not for profit and governmental sectors as a staff accountant, cost accountant, financial analyst and controller. However, this concentration is also beneficial for students interested in pursuing careers in public accounting as an auditor or tax professional as well as in law enforcement as an FBI Agent or in government as an IRS Agent. (In general, a Bachelor’s of Science degree with an Accounting major is required for entry into a professional position; whereas, some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience).

In order to prepare graduates the MCU Accounting concentration has a cross-functional focus designed to develop concrete, highly-demanded skills for work in the rapidly expanding world of accounting.  Students will deepen their knowledge of accounting principles through courses which reflect best practices in the field of accounting including Financial and Management Accounting, Taxation, Analysis, Auditing, Accounting Information Systems and Reporting Procedures.

A Student Completing the Marymount California University Bachelors of Science In Accounting will Possess the Skills to:

  • Navigate financial accounting reporting, disclosures, interim reporting requirements, projections and pro-forma financial statements.
  • Understand concepts of federal income taxation as it is applied to individuals, and sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.
  • Apply different theories of the accountant’s professional responsibilities and ethics adopted by professional associations, state licensing boards for accountants, auditors, and fraud examiners such as the AICPA.
  • Understand and use technologies in making decisions in areas of the accounting profession, such as managerial accounting, financial accounting, auditing, and tax accounting.
  • Apply theories and practices related to business combinations and consolidated financial reporting and complex business structures, and demonstrate mastery in financial statements analysis.
  • Use the principles and practices of financial statement auditing including Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), regulatory requirements, internal controls, and audit risk also research changes in the accounting and auditing.

+1 MBA

Add a one-year MBA to any MCU bachelor’s degree.
Earn three degrees in just five years: associate, bachelor’s and MBA.