Bachelor of Arts in Business

Imagine Your Amazing Life

Imagine graduating with your own business plan ready to present to a panel of investors … or your own original research to include in your graduate school applications.

Imagine a meaningful internship in your field of interest to give you some hands-on experience before beginning your job search, and a service learning experience with a non-profit organization that allows you to apply your learning and skills in the real world.

Imagine completing your degree with a digital resume showcasing your academic achievements and practical experience.

Now stop imagining.

Marymount alumni have reached professional success in all areas of business. Many former students own their own businesses, while others work in finance, management and marketing for companies such Toyota, Raytheon and Oracle.

Your amazing life comes into view with a Marymount California University Bachelor’s degree in Business.

The Marymount California University Business degree will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Your classes will be small in size, which will allow you to fully engage in learning––including case study presentations, discussion and reflection on what you’ve learned. You will receive individual faculty mentoring and targeted advising from your professors. The University’s Oceanview Campus, with close proximity to Los Angeles and its WorldPort, affords Business student many unique opportunities, including practical internships, where you can apply what you’ve learned in the classroom and make valuable connections with business professionals. Our goal is to graduate students who are prepared for the working world or graduate school––with an impressive resume and unique accomplishments.

Build a Solid Foundation

During the freshman and sophomore years, students build an educational foundation that prepares them for their upper division studies. Within the Business program, this includes completing requirements in Accounting, Economics and Statistics.

Develop a Deeper Level of Understanding

During the junior year, students complete most of their core business courses and begin an in-depth study within one area of concentration:

Accounting and Finance

The Accounting and Finance concentration is a cross-functional area of focus designed to develop concrete, highly-demanded skills for work in the rapidly evolving world of corporate finance and accounting.  Students will deepen their knowledge of accounting principles and have the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of finance and investments.  In addition to the traditional applications for accounting and finance in the private sector, this concentration is also beneficial to students interested in pursuing careers in law and government.


The Entrepreneurship concentration allows students to learn through a case-study approach in a seminar setting. With guest speakers from both successful and struggling organizations, students have the opportunity to critique business plans, laying the foundation for the development of their own capstone project.


The Management concentration was developed to provide students with a solid understanding of the management field. There are three areas within this concentration. The first is focused on the traditional components of planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and directing. The second introduces and familiarizes students with the field of leadership. Finally, students are exposed to leading edge theories that cross the spectrum of contemporary management.


Modern marketers are required to demonstrate robust problem solving skills and have the ability to communicate cross-functionally—whether in a small startup environment or a large, complex organization. The Marymount Marketing concentration is designed to address the needs of the modern marketplace. The curriculum begins with a study of business and marketing principles, builds on a set of related analytical methods, and develops students’ ability to work with diverse stakeholders to create value and build strong customer relationships.

Sports Management

The sports market in North America is expected to reach $73.5 billion by 2019, and career opportunities exist in many areas of the sports industry including: sports marketing, sports analytics, sports strategy and sports media. The Sports Management Concentration at MCU introduces students to the growing sports industry through a mixture of academic and experiential learning opportunities. Students will develop the industry specific knowledge as well as the management and leadership skills necessary to facilitate their pursuit of a successful career in the global sports industry.


This concentration allows students to customize their program by combining 9 units of upper division or graduate courses in Accounting, Business, Economics or Leadership. Up to 3 units of internship or practicum may be applied to this concentration.

Take Your Learning to the Next Level–The Capstone Project

During senior year, students finalize the remaining coursework in their chosen concentration and undertake their Capstone Project–the culminating experience of a Marymount California University Bachelor of Arts degree.  Each project is a year-long individual effort, involving theoretical and/or applied research completed with guidance from a faculty mentor. Capstone Project presentations represent the successful completion of the Bachelor’s program.

A student completing a Marymount Bachelor’s degree in Business will possess the skills to:

  • Prepare effective management reports and deliver effective verbal and digital presentations
  • Understand financial statements, interpret business news, and use appropriate business / economic terminology, concepts, and data in the analysis and development of individual, departmental, divisional, and organizational plans
  • Evaluate alternatives while reflecting on their ethical implications in support of business decisions that are aligned with organizational values
  • Understand and articulate the perspectives of all affected stakeholders within a global context
  • Effectively meet project and task goals by utilizing the appropriate set of business tools, drawing on practical experience and collaboration within and across a group

+1 MBA

Add a one-year MBA to any MCU bachelor’s degree.
Earn three degrees in just five years: associate, bachelor’s and MBA.