Business Course Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Business, 4-year – Course Plan

Lower division courses in Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, and Global Development are
offered every semester in a regular rotation. Upper division core courses are scheduled on
an annual rotation while the concentration courses are scheduled on a 2-year rotation.

Recommended 4-year Plan:

Freshman year

General Education – courses as needed and:
BUS 110 – Introduction to Business
BUS 151 – Financial Accounting
ECO 135 – Perspectives on Global Development

Sophomore Year
General Education – courses as needed and:
BUS 201 – Managerial Accounting
BUS 240 – Business Ethics
BUS 260 – Business Law
ECO 220 – Micro Economics
ECO 221 – Macro Economics

Junior Year
BUS 300 – Principles of Management
BUS 301 – Management for Sustainability
BUS 350 – Principles of Marketing
BUS 360 –Information Systems for Management
BUS 380 – Corporate Finance
BUS xxx – First concentration course
General Education – any remaining courses

Senior Year
BUS XXX – Second concentration course
BUS XXX – Third concentration course
BUS 497 – Capstone
BUS 498 – Capstone
Other electives as needed

Student Learning

In all our programs, MCU ensures that students advance their communication, analysis and decision-making skills, while broadening their appreciation of diverse perspectives and their ability to learn from experience. These Institutional Student Learning Outcomes flow from our commitment to Academic Excellence, Real World Learning and Character Formation.

Student Achievement

Students bring a rich array of talents and interests, leading to many forms of student achievement at MCU. What will you achieve? A distinctive Capstone presentation, surely. What else? Let MCU support your exploration and growth. Discover your interests. Develop your talents. And let your achievements shine.