Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology Program at Marymount California University

Imagine Your Amazing Life

Imagine graduating with an in-depth understanding of human behavior.

Imagine meaningful internship and service learning opportunities that might include working with children, working with the disabled, or working with the elderly in a non-profit organization, a school, or a clinical setting.

Imagine completing your degree with a digital resume showcasing your academic achievements and hands-on experience that you can show to potential employers or graduate schools.

Now stop imagining.

Marymount alumni have achieved success in a wide range of behavioral science fields including sports psychology, rehabilitation services, speech-language pathology and child health. Former students are researchers, drug and alcohol counselors, social workers and psychotherapists, and work for organizations such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Department of Social Services, the Callier Center for Communication Disorders, and the Institute of Applied Behavior Analysis. Your amazing life comes into view with a Marymount California University Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

The Marymount California University Psychology degree will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Your classes will be small in size, which will allow you to fully engage in learning–including case study presentations, discussion and reflection on what you’ve learned. You will receive individual faculty mentoring and targeted advising from your professors. The University’s Oceanview campus, with its close proximity to Los Angeles and all its diversity, afford Psychology students many unique opportunities, including practical internships, where you can apply what you’ve learned in the classroom and make valuable connections with professionals in the field of psychology. Our goal is to graduate students who are prepared for the working world or graduate school–with an impressive resume and a unique e-portfolio of their accomplishments.

Build a Solid Foundation

Whether you are planning to pursue graduate study or to work in the field of psychology, the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Marymount California University will prepare you for what lies ahead. The curriculum has been designed to align with the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major. This means that you will be taking courses and developing skills that the APA feels are critical to the study of psychology. These guidelines were developed to reflect best practices in the field of psychology and represent the recommendations of psychologists from across the country. In the freshman and sophomore years, students will build an educational foundation in Psychology and core competencies that will prepare you for upper division studies.

Apply What You Learn

You will learn to write and speak clearly and effectively; to use technology to locate information and communicate; to evaluate the quality and objectivity of research findings; to collaborate with others; and to think critically and ethically. You will learn theories and concepts to explain human behavior from a variety of perspectives, including biological, cognitive, and socio-cultural viewpoints, and be able to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world. You will have an understanding of how factors like race, gender, and cultural background impact one’s experience and values. And, most importantly, you will identify and develop skills and experiences relevant to achieving your career and life goals.

Develop a Deeper Level of Understanding

In your junior and senior years, you will take courses that delve into the major subfields of Psychology, including developmental psychology, cognition, learning, and social psychology. The Psychology program is a rigorous curriculum that includes a sequence of core courses in Statistics, Research Methods, and Scientific Writing. These courses are designed to underscore the nature of psychology as a science, as well as to give students the necessary skills for graduate study in the mental health fields.

Courses available in the program include:

  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Personality Theory
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Adult Development and Aging
  • Intercultural Psychology
  • Drug Use and Abuse
  • Sports Psychology.


Expect Academic and Real-World Learning

During your time at Marymount, not only will you pursue your academic responsibilities, but you will also focus on year-to-year objectives that will help to clarify your career goals. With assistance from the O­ffice of Career Services and Internships, faculty and staff, you will learn to take a proactive role in your professional pursuits by applying tools, resources and strategies to encourage informed decisions. An essential component to successful career management is the ability to track progress towards self-discovery.

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