Psychology B.A. Curriculum Overview

Required courses:

PSY 150 General Psychology
PSY 220 Human Lifespan Development
PSY 228 Abnormal Psychology
MTH 270/ANT/PSY/SOC 235 Statistics
PSY 240 Research Methods
PSY 280 Intercultural Psychology
PSY 328 Personality Theory
PSY 335 Physiological Psychology
PSY 336 Learning Theory
PSY 337 Cognitive Processes
PSY 345 Social Psychology
PSY 348 Scientific Writing
PSY 350 Junior Seminar

Psychology Electives (18 units, with no more than 4 units from 200-level courses):

PSY 200 OR PSY 205 Child Psychology OR Child & Adolescent Development
PSY 210 Adult Development & Aging
PSY 222 Psychology of Gender
PSY 230 Drug Use & Abuse
PSY 310 Positive Psychology
PSY 315 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY 330 Forensic Psychology
PSY 340 Foundations of Counseling
PSY 370 Psychology of Health & Wellness
PSY 380 Applied Intercultural Psychology
PSY 410 Motivation and Emotion
PSY 415 Tests & Measurements
PSY 470 Sports Psychology
PSY 291/391/491 Internship
PSY 296/396/496 Practicum

Students choose from courses in the university catalog in order to bring their total unit count to 120.

Student Learning

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Student Achievement

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