Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Marymount California University, incorporated under the laws of the state of California and empowered by these laws to grant academic degrees, confers the Bachelor of Arts degree upon candidates who fulfill the following conditions:

1. Earn a minimum of 120 units. Any college-level course in this catalog or accepted for transfer credit may be used as an elective to fulfill the 120-unit requirement.

2. Complete the Marymount core competency requirements as outlined on required courses checklists.

3. Meet all program requirements.

4. Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all work attempted.

5. Satisfy the residency requirements.

a. Minimum of 30 units completed at Marymount.
b. Once matriculated, a student may transfer in a maximum of 18 units from another institution.

Important Notes to the Student

  1. Students may participate in the annual Commencement ceremony in the academic year in which they will complete Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree requirements. The Registrar’s Office will notify students of their expected term of graduation at an appropriate time in the degree program. Students must notify the Registrar’s Office of any changes to the degree program that might affect the expected term of graduation.
  2. For any course that satisfies a specific degree requirement, the corresponding cross-listed course will also satisfy the same requirement.
  3. Four or five unit courses with a compulsory, built-in lab may not be split between the core and concentration areas. However, a three-unit course with a one-unit optional lab (3+1) may be split between the core and the concentration area.
  4. Up to 15 units of Marymount coursework taken as a non-degree student may be considered and applied toward a Marymount BA degree.
  5. A maximum of 15 units of internship/practicum may be applied to a Bachelor’s degree.
  6. Participation in commencement does not confer a degree or release a student from any obligation to satisfactorily complete curricular or other academic program requirements.