Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Biology

Research new drugs for patients. Intern as a cell biology researcher. Test the efficiency of today's tools to scrub carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

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You'll gain foundational skills in biology, chemistry and physics to pursue careers ranging from health care to environmental science to research.

Do more in real time

  • Build a 3D model of a protein active site.
  • Work on a multi-stage team project that replicates how pharma companies move the needle in patient care.
  • Turn your research project into a future business like a company exploring coffee substitutes.
  • Analyze oxygen displacement in submarines and space capsules.
  • Add an optional one-year MBA to your senior year.
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Biology as a career

If you love science and learning about how living things interact with each other, a biology path can be immensely rewarding. Falling under the STEM umbrella, this diverse major can be a solid foundation for a career in medicine, research or teaching.

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Cool class: Genomics

Why are some people predisposed to certain diseases while others are not? In MCU’s Genomics class, you’ll cover cutting-edge discoveries to understand how genes contribute to human health and disease. You’ll ponder ethical questions about manipulating genes — from preventing diseases to producing designer babies.

Choose your degree path based on your career goals.

Bachelor of Arts

Consider a BA in biology if you’re interested in a career in health care administration or teaching biology. BA grads often continue their education in physical therapy, medicine, dentistry and other health care professions.

Bachelor of Science

Consider a BS in biology if you’re interested in a career in botany, zoology, biological research, environmental management, health care, technical writing or pharmaceutical sales. BS grads often continue their education in master’s and doctoral programs in the biological sciences, medicine, dentistry or pharmacy.

In addition to your general education requirements, your core biology courses give you a foundation in biology, chemistry and physics. Explore required courses and electives for our two degree paths.

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At Marymount, you’ll gain real-world experience in real time.

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Where our students have interned

  • Alliance for Lupus Research
  • AltaSea
  • Center for Reproductive Health
  • Discovery Channel’s The Swim scientific expedition
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles
  • Precision Medicine and Neuroscience Institute

  • Science Center, Marymount California University
  • UCI Medical Center
  • Wake Forest School of Medicine

Learn more

  • Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Genentech
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute
  • Progenesis
  • Vela Diagnostics

Start your MBA

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