Multidisciplinary Studies Faculty

Marymount’s Multidisciplinary Studies Program enables students to design an interdisciplinary program in preparation for a variety of careers and graduate programs combining areas of emphasis for a powerful learning experience and the opportunity to apply critical thinking and research in different disciplines.  Click here to find out more about our degree in Multidisciplinary Studies.

MCU faculty member Shane AndrewsShane Andrews, Ph.D.
Professor, Communication


Robert Doyle, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies


Marymount California University Liberal Arts Professor Susan GarmanSusan Garman, M.Ed.
Associate Professor, English

yumi_kinoshita_108x132Yumi Kinoshita, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Digital Media

MCU Faculty member Beth KreitzerBeth Kreitzer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Religious Studies and Humanities


Greg LevonianGregory Levonian, Ph.D.
Professor, English

Marymount California University Liberal Arts Professor Dr. Patrick McMahonPatrick McMahon, Ph.D.
Director, Teaching and Learning Institute
Professor, English

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Marymount California University Business Professor Bruce SchwartzBruce Schwartz, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, English and Film

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Marymount California University Professor Blue WadeBlue Wade, M.F.A.
Chair, Multidisciplinary Studies
Professor, Digital Media

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Marymount is committed to meeting students where they are academically and supporting their learning from the time they enter the University to graduation.