Four-Year Bachelor’s Guarantee

female students at graduation

Finish in four

Set your plan, stay on track and graduate in four years. If you do your part, we’ll do ours.

We guarantee it.

How it works

  • Declare a major freshman year
  • Complete and follow a degree plan with an advisor
  • Enroll for eight consecutive fall and spring terms
  • Maintain a 2.0 or higher
  • Complete 30 units per year

The four-year bachelor’s guarantee applies to all interested first-time freshmen students entering fall 2019 and after. The guarantee does not include adding a minor or second concentration.

We offer a guarantee of degree completion in four years if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Declare a major in the first semester of the freshman year by filing a degree declaration form or identifying a major during the registration period. Changing major after this time may disqualify a student. Meet with an advisor to complete a degree plan for the chosen major.
  2. Be enrolled for 8 consecutive fall and spring terms. Additional restrictions may apply for study abroad terms.
  3. Maintain satisfactory academic progress at MCU (2.0 GPA each term and CUM).
  4. Successfully complete an average of 30 units per year taking a full load (12-20 units) each term. A course that is a prerequisite must be completed with a grade of C or higher (C- is not sufficient.)
  5. Adhere to the approved degree plan. If a course must be repeated because of a failing grade or a prerequisite grade has not been met, the guarantee may be at risk. Meet with an advisor to create an alternative educational plan to stay on track. If a failing grade prohibits degree completion (major, emphasis or concentration) in four years, the guarantee becomes void. Some courses are offered in an annual or biannual rotation. Plan accordingly.
  6. Meet with your advisor prior to each registration period and during the first week of each term to review and confirm your degree plan and monitor progress.
  7. Students must take courses based on the approved degree plan and at the semester/day/time/modality in which they are offered. Modality could be face-to-face, day, evening, hybrid or online.
  8. Register for courses within two days of the assigned registration period for class level. During the fall registration period, register or make adjustments for the following spring term. During the spring registration period, register for the following fall and spring terms. Assure holds have been lifted prior to registration date.
  9. Remain in good standing (integrity and conduct issues).
  10. Notify your advisor immediately if you are unable to register for a required course.

If you meet all the conditions of the approved four-year degree plan but are unable to graduate due to the unavailability of a course, the university will offer one of the following:

  • Enable you to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years by identifying and offering an alternative course or directed study within the originally approved time frame.
  • Waive the MCU course tuition and fees for the missing course (excluding room and board) the next term the course is offered at MCU.

Marymount is not obligated to provide the above solutions unless you submit a written request for an adjustment to the provost before the last term on your approved degree plan starts.