Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Deliver convincing written, verbal and digital presentations relating to the analysis and interpretation of financial statements and accounting topics.
  2. Use Microsoft Excel-based financial modeling and accounting information systems applications to interpret, analyze and plan.
  3. Evaluate competing options and reflect on ethical, legal and regulatory implications to support accounting-driven decisions and recommendations.
  4. Recognize and articulate the perspectives of multiple constituencies in a global context with a focus on the creation of value and attention to differences in international accounting standards and conventions.
  5. Apply conceptual tools and expertise in accounting to real-world situations.

Demonstration of Program Outcomes

These results show Marymount graduates’ proficiency levels in the expected learning outcomes for this program. Faculty make this assessment in designated degree-level assessment courses in which students demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Key Finding

Marymount’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting program produces graduates who are collaborative, analytical, and effective communicators.

Student Learning Outcomes Accounting