Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Media

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Use critical thought to analyze and critique professional and academic forms of communication media.
  2. Discuss and write about key concepts in the study of media, culture and communication within a historical and contemporary context.
  3. Research and develop visual planning strategies for creative solutions related to adaptive design competence and learn basic business practices and professional standards of various digital media industries.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to design and create professional level artwork using industry standard digital technologies, including Apple MacIntosh, Avid Media Composer; Autodesk Maya and Adobe Creative Suite software applications.
  5. Demonstrate outcomes of design and media skills with a senior portfolio, resume and presentation.

Demonstration of Program Outcomes

These results show Marymount graduates’ proficiency levels in the expected learning outcomes for this program. Faculty make this assessment in designated degree-level assessment courses in which students demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Key Finding

Marymount’s Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication Media program produces career-ready graduates with strong technology, visual strategies, and communication skills.

Student Learning Outcomes Digital Communication Media