Master of Business Administration

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a personal leadership philosophy by reflecting on leadership theories and attributes and acquiring the leadership skills and abilities necessary to motivate others toward common goals.
  2. Demonstrate a consistent evidence-based decision-making approach using rigorous analysis and interpretation of business data with appropriate tools and techniques.
  3. Identify, define, research and analyze an organizational problem or question, leading to a sustainable business plan or set of actionable recommendations that balance ethical, economic and other considerations.
  4. Integrate global, cultural, technical and economic considerations into analysis of business opportunities.
  5. Utilize peer feedback to support a spirit of inquiry, reflection, mutual respect and quality improvement within a community of practice.

Demonstration of Program Outcomes

These results show Marymount graduates’ proficiency levels in the expected learning outcomes for this program. Faculty make this assessment in designated degree-level assessment courses in which students demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Key Finding

Marymount’s Master of Business Administration program produces business leaders with real-world planning, analytical, and collaborative skills.

Student Learning Outcomes MBA

The red line indicates the benchmark goal.