The World is Waiting

At Marymount California University, you’ll explore, create and do more in real time. Your skill-building internships, class projects and other experiences will bring learning to life.

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Cody Rosa

"I'm getting exposure to one of the most dynamic companies in the world—and getting to be part of a truly inspirational mission."

- Cody Rosa
SpaceX buyer

student at internship in the Port of Los Angeles

Get an insider look at different industries.

You might study logistics models at the Port of LA, recidivism issues in prisons, photography techniques at the #1 lighting studio in LA or family nutrition challenges in social service agencies.

Many courses will take you beyond the classroom for on-site learning.

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Intern in your field

Want to be a detective? Learn from the pros about how to investigate, interview victims and witnesses, and make a case.

The number of students participating in internships has tripled over the last three years. Our many industry connections create one-of-a-kind experiences!

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How to get started

Select your student status below and start your application.

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Research a new drug for patients.

Partner with biology and chemistry students to test possible treatments for diabetes. This multi-stage project replicates how pharma companies move the needle in patient care.

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Turn your business plan into a startup.

Corner the “craft-brand” food and beverage market with your own take.

A freshman-year business plan project might just launch your biggest idea.

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Study for a semester in Cyprus.

Eat a gyro like you’ve never tasted before. Live with roommates from diverse backgrounds and universities. Choose one of our study abroad programs to explore a different culture and give yourself a global experience.