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We understand that tuition is a significant investment, so we provide you with many convenient options to pay your bill. We can also help you set up a payment plan. If you have additional questions and need assistance, feel free to message us at

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How to Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fall semester: August 1
  • Spring semester: January 4
  • Summer semester: May 1

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Credit card payments may be made by phone or online.

Failure to pay your student account balance will result in one or more of the following:

  • Late fees
  • A registration hold preventing you from enrolling in future classes (which may impact visa status maintenance for F-1 international students)
  • Inability to participate in the commencement ceremony
  • A diploma hold preventing you from receiving certification of program completion.

This fee is required of all students. It helps fund undergraduate programs offered by Student Life in support of student organizations, student programming board events and activities, and student staffing in the Student Center. It also covers student-led sustainability projects provided by the university and the Student Wellness Center. This nonrefundable fee is charged every semester.

The technology fee enables the university’s continual maintenance and advancement in technology to meet students’ needs. This includes support for wireless, high-speed internet, online resources, labs and computer services.

The orientation fee is required of all new students. It covers the cost of orientation staff, as well as student participation in all orientation programs, activities and meals, and Week of Welcome events and meals. It also covers the costs of orientation materials and one meal for parents or other family members during orientation.

The special/re-admit fee is charged to students who previously enrolled (re-admits*) and special admit** students. These students are not required to pay the orientation fee, but are required to pay a $150 special/re-admit fee that covers the cost of materials, programs and activities available to all students during orientation. Special/re-admit students who participate in all orientation activities must pay the full $300 orientation fee. All fees are nonrefundable.

*Re-admits: Students who have not enrolled at Marymount California University for at least one semester and apply to be readmitted to the university.

**Special admits: Students who are accepted and enrolled under special circumstances as determined by the Office of Admission.

Refund policy: The orientation fee and special/re-admit fees are nonrefundable. If extenuating circumstances prevent a student from participating in any orientation programs or events, the student must appeal fees in writing before the semester add/drop date (listed in the academic calendar). Refunds requested after the add/drop date will not be considered. Appeals should be directed to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Full-time domestic undergraduate students are required to carry health insurance. The health insurance fee is included on the student’s billing statement. Waivers will be issued by the Student Wellness Center once the student provides proof of insurance. The insurance charge will then be removed from the student’s account.

All international students are required to purchase the student injury and sickness insurance program designed for Marymount. This policy ensures the international student’s medical coverage is in compliance with the new mandates of the United States Information Agency and the National Association of Foreign Student Affairs. This insurance fee for international students is included on the student’s billing statement. International students are enrolled automatically at the start of the school year.

Part-time students may purchase insurance by enrolling online and paying Ascension directly.

Complete information can be found on the Health Services page.

Contact the Student Wellness Center at (310) 303-7244.

Contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (310) 303-7217.

Holds are placed on a student’s account when information or payment is needed. Each department assigns and removes the holds. Please contact the department directly, depending on the hold.

  • Library holds – ext. 7260
  • Tuition and/or registration holds – Business Services, ext. 7335
  • Parking tickets – Campus Safety and Security, ext. 7300
  • Judicial – Residential Life/Judicial Affairs, ext. 7343

You may be interested in our block plan, which gives commuters flexible dining options. Learn more about our meal plans.


Your credit balance may be used to purchase books by requesting a book voucher from Student Accounts. You may leave the balance on your account to be used for a future term. If you prefer, you may request a refund in writing by emailing

Office of Student Financial Services
(310) 303-7335

Office hours
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Campus location
Administrative Building 111