Alexa Ardeljan-Braden

Alexa Ardeljan-Braden, currently a story editor for Radical Studios, believes the people she met at Marymount are directly credited with her growth. A student with exceptional involvement at Marymount, as ASMC Student Body President, PTK, Marymount Lacrosse, and much more, Alexa finds her two years to be a very shaping time.
Following her graduation at Marymount in 2010, where Alexa won the Elan Award, she continued her education, earning her BA, at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Alexa recently moved companies, joining film development at Radical Studios as a story editor. Although she finds her current career to be a “complete change of pace and an absolute dream”, Ardeljan-Braden still aspires to be a film producer.
Alexa is very excited for Marymount after learning about the large amount of growth Marymount is offering their current students, first with the bachelor programs and now graduate programs. She mentioned many faculty members who influenced her throughout her time at Marymount and wants to tell students that “the years you spend at Marymount will be much more formative than you might imagine.”