Amy Gomez ’15

Amy GomezMCU alumna and recent graduate Amy Gomez is the newest addition to Marymount’s Office of Admission, joining as an Admission Counselor. Gomez graduated with Marymount’s Class of 2015, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts.

As an undergrad at Marymount, Gomez was extremely involved. She worked with the Residential Housing Association (RHA), Service Learning and as an “SOSer,” while also being involved in various organizations including First-Gen and Latinos Unidos. “Everything I was involved with helped shape the leader I am today,” says Gomez. “Each position I held was different from the others and helped me learn more about Marymount and the goals we have as an institution. Every position challenged me and allowed me to explore different methods in leadership.”

Gomez shares how her favorite memory as a student was all the great people she met and, while she credits many faculty and staff members as being mentors, one person that served as more than a mentor for her was Susan Garman. “To me, she was more like my personal fairy Godmother. Thanks to Susan, I took the first step in getting involved, and she really helped keep me grounded while I was at Marymount.

Now, working as an Admission Counselor, Gomez will be traveling to different schools for college fairs and working on recruiting future Mariners. She also will be preparing for upcoming events involving prospective and current students and their families. As for her plans for the remainder of the year, Gomez says she plans on traveling and spending time visiting family.

When asked what advice she would give to current Marymount students, Gomez suggests getting involved and asking questions! “I think there were days when I thought I annoyed people with all the questions, but everyone was always happy to help and it was worth it because I got to do so many things I would have never dreamt of doing otherwise.”