Bruna Fileta, MBA ‘16

Bruna HeadshotBruna Fileta decided to move away from her homeland, Brazil, for a new life in the United States. What she didn’t realize is that it would give her so many opportunities that changed her mind about moving back home and helped her feel good and secure enough to call the United States her new home.

When Bruna moved from Brazil, eight years ago, she had already started a career back home. She studied Journalism and worked for 3 and a half years for a surfing website and magazine. She felt that there was no better job in the world. Trips, paradise beaches, and writing under the sun were all part of her routine. She thought she would never get tired of it. Yes, it ended up happening and Bruna decided that she wanted more, but in order to achieve what she desired, she would have to move to the United States and learn a language that had been a barrier for her whole life.

Bruna always studied English in school, since she was seven years old; however, the language was never something that would stick easily in her head – this is why she decided that moving to the United Stated to learn English would be the best option for her future career. She moved to the United States and things seemed to happen quickly – all for the better. This past Spring everything culminated with her earning a Master of Business Administration at Marymount California University.

She remembers starting out in English language development courses. After a short break, she progressed and began studying Business with concentration in Marketing. Because she had already had a Journalism degree, she thought that by focusing on Marketing and learning Business it would be a good choice for her when she was ready to look for a job.

She worked really hard and graduated with her BA, in 2015, with high distinction. She never forgot how good she felt when she knew she had a diploma and could finally look for a career in the United States. Within 2 months she was employed for a large company in the tech industry. However, the BA wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to get her MBA. She felt it was necessary for her to feel fully satisfied about her education in America – she thought that if she were still living in her homeland, she would likely have earned a Masters, so she wanted to do the same here in the United States.

Working full-time and going to classes every week, including many late nights and busy weekends of studying was hard, but she never gave up. Actually towards the end she even thought about postponing her final project, but she took a deep breath and her desire to earn a Masters Degree was so strong that she came back with even more energy than before. She finished with an A in her final class and felt very motivated about moving up in her career.

Bruna started working at her job, fourteen months ago. Her first position was entry-level, which gave her the opportunity to be part of the corporate world – something that she was looking forward to. She started as a marketing Coordinator and within three months she started getting new roles. Seven months later she became a Marketing Auditor. All these professional changes happened as Bruna was still in school. A month ago, after having earned her MBA, Bruna got promoted to a Marketing Manager. She hasn’t started her new job yet, but she feels very accomplished for everything that she has done in her life since she moved to the United States.

Looking back, Bruna remembered that less than 10 years ago she couldn’t even speak English and now she receives compliments from her bosses and professors about the quality of her work. Bruna says that she couldn’t be more proud of herself. She feels that she has “made it”, from her point of view. She knows that it is only the beginning, but it is a small push that motivates her on daily-basis. She hopes that her story can show older students, wives, and people who are new to this country that we can do anything we want with some determination. The main thing is for a person to ask themselves if they are REALLY willing to work for their goals. If they are, then they will definitely achieve what they want. Not only achieve, but they will succeed in life because they learned that nothing great comes without sacrifice.