Checking In With Hikaru Hirata

Hikaru Hirata headshotAlumni of the month last year, Hikaru Hirata is at it again. After creating some of stunning artwork that was featured in Society Magazine, he got to working on several new pieces. Hikaru shares his creation on a YouTube video, where he briefly introduces the mural project he just finished. Please take some time to check it out and give us your feedback.

International artist Hikaru Hirata-Miyakawa remembers his experience at Marymount as an important part of his development into the artist that he is today.
A musician, actor, and writer, as well as an artist, Japanese native Hikaru describes his time at Marymount as one of the best of his life. He fondly remembers the warm welcome and support from the faculty and student body coming in as an international student, and the kindness he received from then President Thomas Wood. His involvement and enthusiasm for the College led him to become one of the original Peer Counselors.
Hikaru particularly remembers the guidance he received from Professor Earle Roddy, who was head of the Fine Arts department. Professor Roddy once told him something he would never forget: “You know, one of the most important things to remember as an artist is to keep painting whether you are selling or not.”

And Hikaru hasn’t stopped painting: his bold, colorful art combines biblical scriptures and world mythologies with striking and thought-provoking results. His work, currently on exhibit at a show in Tokyo, has been displayed throughout the world.

His biggest inspiration is Leonardo da Vinci, whose artwork he has studied since the age of ten. As a tribute to him, Hikaru painted a quasi-replica mural of the “Last Super” on the classroom wall where he used to teach. Hikaru says that he has plans to paint several large murals depicting scenes from the Book of Revelations, as well as the completion of a book on Leonardo da Vinci.

Click below to see his new creation! It is a Semi- Replica of Leonardo’s  the “Last Supper”