MCU Alumnus Meets Pope Francis

students shaking hands with the popeThere are moments in life that one never forgets. Meeting Pope Francis was one of those moments for Marymount California Alumnus Andrew Meisake, class of 2012, who went on to the Seminary in Samoa and Guam and is now finishing up his studies in Rome.

Andrew shared the following with us about his experience:

As we seminarians waited outside of the Pope’s residence at Santa Marta, he arrived in a simple car and coming out he said to all present: “Buongiorno!”

The Holy Father proceeded to greet each of us individually and after I told him my name, the Vice Rector told the Pope that I come from Samoa. Pope Francis then said in Italian (which I translate in English): “Samoa, the island of paradise!” I responded in Italian: “Sì, sì! Certo!” (“Yes, yes! Of course!).

It was a grand moment to meet a man who is simple, ordinary and down-to-earth. Long at last, I have met Peter, the Vicar of Christ, in the flesh!

Andrew Tye-Aaron Meisake
Archdiocese of Samoa-Apia

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