Meshach Puerto ’15

meshach puerto standing by a doorMarymount alumnus and recent graduate Meshach Puerto ’15 was very involved during his time as a student at Marymount and hasn’t slowed down since graduation. Puerto graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and soon after began his new full-time position with Marymount California University’s Office of Admission as an Admission Counselor.

Before attending Marymount, Puerto was involved with the Fulfillment Fund during his junior and senior years of high school. The Fulfillment Fund is an organization whose mission it is to make college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities. Puerto shared how his mentor Cynthia believed in him before he even saw potential in himself. “I honestly would not be in the position that I am today without her words of encouragement and the tools this amazing organization provides for its students.”

After enrolling at Marymount, Puerto became very involved on campus, working with the Office of Student Life and taking on various leadership roles with event planning, student engagement and orientation. His involvement and personal experiences strongly influenced his senior capstone project, in which he chose to study the relationship between student involvement and the perceived satisfaction with a university– a capstone that he describes as an eye-opening learning experience. “This was a testament of my investment in myself. I loved my time at MCU thanks to faculty and staff that took it upon themselves to mentor and encourage me to do my best in all aspects of my college experience.”

Among the many staff and faculty at Marymount that have contributed to his college experience, Puerto shared that it was Associate Director of Student Life and Orientation Michaela Sears that was most supportive of all his endeavors since meeting her at freshman orientation. “Her wisdom and positive attitude are the two things I have always admired about Michaela. She goes beyond expectations to share her knowledge with all students in a compassionate manner. Having the privilege to work with Michaela Sears, Kelly Krusee and Annie McBride provided me with perspective, understanding, and motivation to try new things and take risks while still in school.”

Now, as an admission counselor for the University, Puerto will be working to recruit students to join the Marymount family and provide support through the admission process. “So far, I really enjoy this position and I am excited to share my insight and personal experiences with prospective students. As an alumnus, I feel very comfortable in this role and I am excited to see where things go from here.”

When asked what advice he would give to current Marymount students, Puerto encouraged them to be themselves and take advantage of everything that MCU offers. “I learned early on that it was my responsibility to create my own experiences because it wasn’t going to be handed to me. The results were definitely worth it.”