Roberto Alvarez

Roberto Alvarez headshotMarymount graduate Roberto Alvarez ’02 remembers Marymount as a place that taught him what human kindness was all about bringing him to a career where he is able to help people and interact with the community.

Alvarez graduated in 2002 with an Associate’s degree in Science, before transferring to Chapman University where he earned his Bachelor’s in Legal Studies in 2005. In 2007 Alvarez began attending Thomas Jefferson School of Law and graduated in 2010.

Today, Alvarez owns a small firm with a partner in Santa Ana, California and practices Immigration Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law. Alvarez’s practice consists mainly of Immigration Law, representing clients in immigration court and helping them navigate through the legal process.

Alvarez remembers some of his favorite memories from Marymount, one including working at the Admissions Office. “I loved giving tours and interacting with potential students. When I was in my sophomore year, my mother was diagnosed with Cancer and the entire admissions staff sent a basket of roses to her home. That meant more to me than anything in the world. They were so good to me and taught me what human kindness was all about.  ”

Alvarez’s plans for this year include getting married this September and looking to expand his business and hire associates for 2016.

When asked what advice he would give to current Marymount students, Alvarez says to find a balance between going to school and enjoying the college experience. “Indeed Marymount was where I had the most fun but it’s also where I did the most growing up.”