Tom Blumenthal

Tom Blumenthal in a suitMarymount graduate Tom Blumenthal describes Marymount as “the perfect fit.” Before transitioning into Marymount, Tom attended an all-boy Catholic High School. Today, Tom is the CEO for GEARYS in Beverly Hills, He says that this position requires him to understand the definition of both hard work and excellent customer service.

GEARYS Beverly Hills has been in business for nearly 85 years and has been owned and operated by Tom’s family for over 50 of those years. Today, GEARYS has three locations and a large international clientele. At one point Tom’s family sold the store, but Tom bought the iconic company back and is now focused on launching their newly improved website launching in June.

Tom’s job is anything but typical, but something he is very passionate about. Each day Tom has a commitment to learn as he works with different vendors, clients and his staff.

Tom has fond memories of Sister Gregory Naddy and several other professors who inspired him to find his passion -and that is just what he has done.  He loves his job, which he calls a lifestyle, and he loved his time at Marymount.