Alumni Update: Curtis James Boyd ’06

Curtis James Boyd sitting on stairsCurtis James Boyd attended Marymount from 2004 to 2006, receiving his associate degree. He went on to earn a bachelor’s in nursing from West Coast University a few years later.

With many fond memories of his time on the Oceanview Campus, Boyd said, “I remember spending time in the student center, playing pool and ping-pong with my friends. I spent time in the library doing my assignments (before they were due) and frequently checked in with my professors so they could help me stay on track for a 3.5 GPA.”

Boyd also praised the ocean view and the campus facilities. “I enjoyed time in the rose garden drinking tea in the mornings and swimming in the pool in the afternoons. I loved the delicious cafeteria food and gained 20 pounds my freshman year,” said Boyd.

Currently, Boyd manages his own Los Angeles public relations firm, working for more than 1,000 clients from across the U.S. “While I was once a nurse, life has a strange way of changing directions,” he said.

Upon further reflection, Boyd added, “Marymount contributed to my success by allowing me room to grow. I wasn’t very ambitious in high school and didn’t care too much about my own future. Marymount gave me a sense of pride and showed me how to achieve my goals. At Marymount, I came to the realization that I wanted to do something with my life. If I could share a piece of advice it would be the following: Take personal responsibility for your own life. You will find that you have all the time in the world to achieve just about anything.”