Blue Wade

Blue Wade
Chair, Arts and Media
Professor, Digital Media
B.A., University of California, Berkeley

M.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design

Blue Wade
 leads Marymount’s Arts and Media programs and our vibrant 6th Street arts presence.  She teaches 3D Animation, oversees art shows at the Klaus Center, and works directly with Capstone students preparing professional portfolios in film, digital design and interdisciplinary arts. You can see samples of her students’ art books in our Library.
Blue Wade is the chair of the Arts & Media division and Professor of Digital Media at Marymount California University.

Professor Wade is a digital media artist born and raised in New York City. She developed an interest in art very early attending the High School of Art & Design and later receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts from University of California at Berkeley with a double major in Art Practice and Interdisciplinary Studies Field. She received her Master’s in Fine Arts in Digital Media from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Her art interests included the passionate figure. The love of the figure and object-making led to her interest in constructed environments or worlds where her figures belong. Each environment is a combination of virtual and real space often consisting of video, animation, digital sculpture (virtual objects and 3D-generated sculptures as real space objects) and traditional materials of sculpture. These installations serve as environments that are meant to be experienced. Her art has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.


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