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The MCU Business Journal is a compilation of articles and achievements that focus on our Business curriculum. Undergraduates, as well as Graduate students, will find a wealth of knowledge inside our program, with courses that challenge and faculty that not only inspire, but bring with them many years of experience in the business world. Check back often for updates and additions to our Business Journal.

Business Journal: Sports Management Ron TeixeiraSports Management Club
Marymount California University is proud to announce the start of the Sports Management Club. This student-led organization is an involvement opportunity that is expected to help prepare students for the working world in sports-related industries.  Participation in the club provides educational, social, and practical experiences for sports management students. As a student leader of the club, I encourage our members to seek internships and entry-level job opportunities, and our club will help open those doors.


Sports Management Emphasis Added to Business ProgramMarymount California University Business Professor Kristin Ryan
The sports market in North America is expected to reach $73.5 billion by 2019. The field of sports management provides sports-minded people, who have a head for business, many choices for exciting careers in the world of athletics. Opportunities include careers in sports marketing and public relations, sports analytics, athletic recruitment, sports media or with sports teams.

Professor consults student at Marymount California UniversityThe Importance of Networking in Business
Networking is important for college students, and especially graduates, as they prepare to enter the workforce. So many opportunities are opened up through the contacts you make in college and beyond. One way you can expand your network is by joining a business organization or honor society.


The Marymount Advantage — Preparing Students for Achievement in Business
By Ariane Schauer, Ph.D., Provost and Executive Vice President
Marymount’s Business program is one of our largest majors, and for good reason. We prepare students to think, create, interpret situations, address challenges, work in teams and add value to their organizations. Our curriculum combines foundation courses in traditional business disciplines with a flexible range of concentrations and a distinctive Marymount Capstone that helps students move from being students to being creators and leaders. Read more

COG_7929Internships Help Undergrads Gain Experience; Clarify Interests
By John McCrudden, Director of Career Services and Internships
Over the last several years of the economic recovery, career specialists noticed that employers were requiring two years of experience for entry-level positions. Due to the oversupply of talented and experienced job applicants, recent college grads were feeling the pressure of these higher expectations, which were resulting in higher unemployment and underemployment rates. To assist students with this challenge, the Career Services and Internship Office at Marymount California University developed an active internship program that offers its students college units for experiential educational experiences. Read more.

COG_9358Is There Value in Getting an MBA Degree?
By John Hoyt, Dean of Waterfront Campus and Extended Programs
This is a question that prospective students are asking at every level of higher education and with good reason. Over the last ten years the college tuition, on average, has risen 26% for private schools and 40% for public school. This certainly raises legitimate questions on whether or not you will get the return on your investment (ROI) from any sort of college education. The simple answer to this question is yes there is value in a college education and more specifically an MBA. However, I would recommend that any prospective student analyze in more depth what the real value is to earning an MBA degree. Here are a couple of factors to consider. Read more.

Duncan-EarleEngaging Our Common Home: Lessons from a Congo Journey
By Dr. Duncan Earle, Global Studies/Business

Not so long ago, most business people saw helping the environment and assisting those less fortunate as something to support after a long period of commercial success. Imagine building a business, though, where doing good was the basis of doing well; a company that had social and environmental benefits built into the business model itself, not as an afterthought or side effort. This is the case with the company I have helped to start and build out, called Jadora LLC. Read more.

COG_3481The Transformational Impact of Marymount’s Business Program
By Kristin Ryan, Chair of Business and Leadership
Recent graduate Hanna Hermansson took full advantage of the opportunities provided to her by Marymount California University, earning a BA in Business, with an emphasis in Accounting and a concentration in Management. After listening to Kathleen Ruiz, Marymount’s controller, speak in her Corporate Finance course, Hanna began working with Kathleen in the Business Office at MCU. This was an excellent opportunity for Hanna to utilize her accounting skills in a realistic work environment and gain insights into her long-term career objectives. Like Hanna, many business graduates have taken advantage of similar work opportunities and internships, contributing to the impressive fact that 95 percent of recent MCU business graduates who responded to the latest survey taken by Marymount’s Career Services and Internships Office are either employed or in graduate school. Read more.

Why Strategy Matters
By Ruben Veliz, Assistant Professor of Business and Economics
In the classic 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, when the bumbling cast of characters is in the Wizard’s chamber, the little dog Toto pulls back a curtain to reveal the real Wizard pulling levers, turning cranks and pushing buttons to create the his public identity. Strategy, as it applies to organizations of all varieties, has the same concerns as the Wizard of Oz. Nothing is done in isolation. Just as the Wizard pulls multiple levers and turns multiple cranks, developing and executing an organizational strategy requires pulling multiple levers, such as balancing multiple objectives and operating within multiple constraints. Managers must be concerned about their competitors, customers, non-customers, suppliers, regulations, the macroeconomic environment and internal resistance to their plans. Read more.

COG_9261The Case for An Entrepreneurial Education

By Kossi Makpayo, Ph.D., Professor, Economics
In a constantly changing economic landscape, often disrupted by rapid advances in technology, where long-established businesses seem to quickly lose their competitive edge to newly created firms, it’s imperative that we place an emphasis on an entrepreneurial education. Human capital enhances the quality of labor (the worker), and highly qualified workers are often innovative and, hence, entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship is the human resource that organizes land, which includes all the gifts of nature, labor and capital to produce goods and services to satisfy human wants. In addition to expanding the production possibilities of the economy and generating profit to the owner, innovative entrepreneurship creates new and often good paying jobs that require highly skilled labor. Such is the case with Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Uber, IT start-ups and others. MCU as a whole, and the Business & Economic division in particular, is conscious of this fact and has tailored its curriculum towards the acquisition of skills (competency-based instruction) that employers want; but also skills that can be used by graduates to start their own businesses if they so choose. Read more.

ENACTUS@MCU – Enterpreneurship In Action
This Q&A with ENACTUS@MCU Advisor Mike Grimshaw highlights the beginnings of the organization at Marymount, how it has grown and where it might take us in the future.  Read more.

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