Tuition and Financial Aid Refunds

Withdrawal dates for refunds are defined as the date a completed Withdrawal Form is authorized by Academic Affairs and is received by Marymount’s Registrar’s Office.

Refund Request Form:

For students who are requesting a refund on their account due to withdrawal from the University (or if there is a credit balance on the account) a refund request form needs to be submitted to Business Services.

Processing Time and Holds:

Holds that have been placed on a student’s account by this or any other office may delay the process. No refunds will be issued if holds are in place. Please clear any holds placed before submitting a request.

Legal Requirements for Tuition Refund:

Refunds are only processed for accounts that have an actual (posted transactions) credit. We are unable to issue refund advances to students who have an account that reflects an anticipated forthcoming payment (e.g., company reimbursement, estimated loans, or pending financial aid). In cases where a third party has paid an account on behalf of a student, the refund will be made directly to the third party.

However, if the third party provides written authorization to the Student Accounts Coordinator allowing the excess funds to be disbursed to the student, the refund will be given to the student.

Federal Title IV Funds

Credit balances resulting from the distribution of Federal Title IV funds are refunded to students within 14 days of posting the distribution to the student’s account as required by the Department of Education.

Loan Refunds/Financial Aid Refunds:

  • Refunds (from student loans) will only be disbursed after all charges have been paid and credited to your account.
  • In certain cases, federal refund requirements may supersede the University’s refund policy.
  • Recent changes in the federal student aid refund policy require that a schedule be used to determine how much federal financial aid the student has earned at the time of withdrawal.
  • It is strongly recommended that students consult the Financial Aid Office before initiating the withdrawal process in order to determine any potential liability owed by the student to the University.

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