Christian Outreach and Renewal (COR)

Christian Outreach and Renewal

Christian Outreach and Renewal, also known as COR, is a student group at Marymount California University that is aligned with the aims of Campus Ministry. COR is also the Latin word for “heart,” and the COR group seeks to nourish the heart of our community by providing spiritual events and volunteer activities that exemplify the University’s mission and core values.

The organization’s Constitution states: “The purpose of COR is to provide opportunities to develop spiritual and religious maturity; to open avenues for transforming the heart, mind and soul of each individual according to his or her own creed; and to empower our student body to become agents of change and service to our community and society. Although COR is a Christian-inspired organization, it welcomes all members of the University community, regardless of religious background, and supports them in their own spiritual journey. Membership in this organization is open to all students at Marymount who are interested in developing their spiritual growth, expanding their knowledge of religion and serving others.”

Throughout the year, the group helps students discover and deepen their spirituality. In the past members have planned:

  • Clothing and canned food drives
  • Local community service projects, such as outreach to the homeless
  • Spiritual hikes to Temescal Canyon
  • Social events like volleyball and ping-pong tournaments
  • Fundraising efforts for local and global needs

COR works with other service groups on campus and assists Campus Ministry with its programs.

Campus Ministry

Campus Chaplains: Fr. Campos, Fr. Marquez, and Fr. Meyer
Campus Ministry Liaison: Sister Antoine-Marie Baurier
Location: TDW 208

Mission Statement:
Campus Ministry at Marymount California is the pastoral expression of the University’s mission and identity.  Campus Ministry seeks to serve the spiritual needs of students, staff and faculty. Campus Ministry contributes to the educational mission of Marymount California University by providing religious education, strengthening community life, nourishing prayer and spirituality, and serving our neighbors.