Oceanview Campus Lockdown Procedures

Lockdown procedures for the Palos Verdes (Oceanview) Campus

In the event of a police action, such as an “Active Shooter,” it may be necessary to “lockdown” the campus to limit access, protect lives and minimize the overall exposure to danger.

A “lockdown” is a temporary sheltering technique, usually lasting from 30 minutes to several hours, used by law enforcement to limit civilian exposure to an “Active Shooter” or a similar incident. When alerted, occupants of any building within the subject area will lock all doors and windows. Do not allow entry or exit to anyone until the “all clear” has been sounded. This procedure converts any building into a large “safe room.”

The director of Campus Safety and Security or a designee evaluates the situation and takes immediate action to protect life and property. The Dean of Students and other University officers are notified as soon as the situation allows. Students, faculty and staff are alerted via bullhorns, telephones, in-person notification, E2Campus text and/or the University public address system.

If you encounter an intruder who is causing harm or threatening imminent harm to people, seek cover immediately and call 911 (police) and the campus Safety and Security department. Provide as many details as possible, such as location, number of assailants, weapons and any other information you believe will be useful.


  • Never sound the fire alarm to evacuate the building, as everyone should remain inside. If a fire alarm goes off during a lockdown, do not evacuate unless you smell smoke.
  • Be aware of alternate exits if it becomes necessary to flee. Lock yourself in a classroom, resident room, office, etc., as a means of protection.
  • Stay low and away from windows. Barricade door(s) if possible and use furniture or desks as cover.
  • Cover windows or other openings that allow a direct line of sight into the hallway.
  • Shut the blinds or pull the shades down. Turn the lights off and remain silent. Try to give the impression that the room is empty.
  • Silence cell phones. Turn off the vibrate function.
  • Do not attempt to leave the building until told to do so by security or police personnel.
  • If you are outside when a lockdown is announced, enter the nearest building and follow the lockdown instructions above. If you cannot safely enter a building, hide behind a large heavy object (i.e., vehicle or tree) or run away from the hostile activity.


Get Out

  • Move quickly — don’t wait for others to validate your decision.
  • Leave belongings behind.
  • Survival chances increase the farther you are from the shooter.

Call Out

  • Inform authorities.
  • Call 911 and give the operator as much information as possible, including the location, a description of the shooter (and name if known) and the number and type of weapons being used. Do not hang up until told to do so. Next, call Safety and Security at ext. 7300 from an internal telephone or (310) 261-6150 from an outside telephone.

Hide Out

  • If unable to get out because the shooter is between you and the only exit, hide.
  • Try to find a place that is well protected.
  • Avoid places that might trap you or restrict movement.

Keep Out

  • Find a room that can be locked with objects to hide behind.
  • Barricade door with heavy furniture.
  • Turn out lights and remain silent.
  • Silence any device that may create a noise (i.e., cell phones, iPads, etc.).
  • Call 911 (if you can do so without alerting the shooter).

Spread Out

  • If there are two or more of you, DO NOT huddle together. It gives you options and makes it harder for the shooter.
  • Quietly develop a plan of action in the event the shooter enters.
  • Remain calm. To keep others focused on survival.

Take Out — Last Resort

  • Assume shooter’s intentions are lethal.
  • Attempt only if you believe the shooter will kill or continue killing unless you intervene.
  • Develop a mindset that you have “what it takes” to survive when your life is on the line.
  • Be prepared to do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat.
  • Throw things, create a distraction or use improvised weapons.
  • Make a plan to overcome the shooter if you see it as the only option.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so, please sign up for the Campus Alert System.

Text one of the following keywords to 79516

Students text:  mmstudent

Parents text:   mmparent

Staff/Faculty text:  mmstaff

You will receive a text back asking you to confirm by replying “yes.” Reply yes to complete the process.

Campus Safety & Security

Oceanview Campus
Telephone: Security (310) 303-7300

Residential Campus
Telephone: Guard house (310) 241-5488
Security cell (310) 803-7472