Internship / Practicum Guidelines

Internships (off campus) and practicums (on campus) are structured learning experiences in a work setting. They involve a partnership between the student, Marymount California University faculty and a company or organization. Internships and practicums allow students to bridge and strengthen the connection between education and career.

Developing networks is the most effective way to secure your first position. Participating in an internship and/or practicum is the fastest way to connect with the people who are in positions that can lead to job offers.

MCU student with internship at PV police dept

Internship: An internship is a learning opportunity made available through a working partnership between Marymount California University and an employer and can be taken for between 1 and 12 units*. The goal of participating in an internship is to allow students the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an experience that may lead to a career and/or job offer. Internship sites are off-campus, may be with for-profit or nonprofit institutions and may be paid or unpaid.

*Units are earned according to preset, unit-to-hour equivalencies established by the University. (See Practicum Guidelines for unit-to-hour ratio.)

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Internship and capstone: Marymount students have a unique opportunity to combine the learning objectives of the senior capstone project and match with an organization through an internship. Students who do not plan to attend graduate school benefit by combining these two programs. Faculty should have a discussion with students in their junior year about the possibility of developing an internship around their senior capstone project. Juniors interested in this combination should register for the ID 317 offered every spring semester.

Practicum: (296, 396, 496) A practicum is an on-campus learning opportunity with an office or program at Marymount California University. This part-time work experience is worth between 1 and 6 units* and is open to all students. Students typically participate in a practicum while taking several classes, thus maintaining full-time status for financial aid purposes. The goal of participating in a practicum is to allow students to apply classroom skills in an office or program environment. Students may select a practicum that is not aligned with their major.

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  1. Review Internship and Practicum Participation Procedures and Policies.
  2. Attend “Resume Writing” workshop.
  3. Attend “Interviewing and Your Brand” workshop.
  4. Make an appointment with a career counselor.

1736 Family Crisis Center
Active Ride Shop
Advent Resources, Inc
Alelo Inc.
Angels Gate Cultural Center
Assembly member Al Muratsuchi
Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles Harbor
Brain Campbell For RPV City Council 2013
Budget Mortgage Company
Business Source
Canyon Verde
Century 21
Century 21 All Star
Cesar Chavez Foundation
City of Los Angeles Business Source
Community Coalition
DDS Attorney Services
Duan Wei-Maynez, CPA
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles
Evolution Entertainment
Grand Vision Foundation
GreenDot Films
Hollywood Carting and Film
JAD Tech Corp
Janice Hahn for Congress
Krupin Partners LLC
Kythira Studios
La Jolla Group
LA Kings
Lake Family Resource Center
LangsFord & Gonzales
Law offices of Weitzman & Estes
Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Lakers
Lyons & Lyons Properties
Managed Career Solutions-Business Source
Marrymount Science Center
Marymount ACIS Office
Marymount Arts & Media Division
Marymount California University
Marymount College Peace Center
Marymount College-Natural Science
Marymount Division of Psychology
Marymount Liberal Arts Division
Marymount Office of Sustainability
Mira Catalina Elementary School
Ocean View Baptist Church
Pacific Battleship Center
Palos Verdes on the Net
Paramount Studios
Port of Los Angeles
PortTech LA
Precision Asset Management
Private Family
Radisson/LAX Hotel
Raquette Camps
Reusable By-Products
Ride to Fly
Saint Rock
Sams Club
San Pedro Bay Historical Society
San Pedro Chamber of Commerce
San Pedro Inn & Suites
Sea Horse
Shop Dekor
State Farm Insurance
Stonegate Foods
Summit View School
The Business Source
The Washington Center
Universal Music
Universal-Capitol Records
Wake Forest Medical lab
Wake Forrest School of Medicine
Walterial Methodist Church-Pre-School
Worn Path Productions
Zoic Studios

  • Students can participate in an internship (off-campus) or practicum (on-campus project with faculty/staff member) any fall, spring and summer, and earn academic credit.

  • Students can enroll in an internship/practicum up until mid-term week.

  • The amount of credit earned is dependent on the amount of hours of work a student completes within the term dates. The breakdown is as follows:

    1 unit = 60 hours
    2 units = 120 hours
    3 units = 180 hours
    4 units = 240 hours

  • To apply for any position posted on Mariner Career Connect, students must have an approved resume.
  • The Internship and Career Planning Office assists students with their internship search, but does not automatically place students and cannot guarantee which candidate an employer will select for any position.
  • Once a student secures an internship, whether it is from Mariner Career Connect or other sources, the student must notify the Internship and Career Planning Office.
    • The director of career planning and employer relations will provide students with all paperwork required to enroll in an internship, including the application form, syllabus and handbook, student learning outcomes form, the final paper guidelines, and other instructions.
    • Both the student and on-site supervisor at the internship/practicum site must completely fill out and sign the application form and submit it to the MCU staff member reviewing and approving it, who will then forward to the Registrar.
    • If all information is correct, and the student has no holds or other conflicts, the registrar will manually enroll the student in the internship/practicum.

Can I enroll myself in an internship/practicum?
No. Once you secure a placement, notify the director of career planning and employer relations, who will provide the required paperwork. Ultimately, the registrar manually enrolls you. 

If I already have a job on campus as a student worker, can that count as a practicum?
No. Practicums are unpaid research or special projects with an MCU faculty/staff member.

 Are the only internships for credit the ones on Mariner Career Connect?
No. Students are encouraged to search for opportunities through a variety of avenues. Once a student finds an internship, he/she can contact us for assistance with applying or to see if the position does indeed qualify as an internship for credit.

When is the deadline to enroll in an internship/practicum?
The deadline is the end of mid-term week. 

Will the Internship and Career Planning Office place me in an internship?
No. We do not automatically place students in internships. We assist with the search and application process, but it is ultimately up to employers to decide which candidates they will select. 

Who is the on-site supervisor?
Usually, the employer or MCU faculty/staff member offering the position serves as the student’s supervisor. The supervisor will also need to complete a final evaluation form on the student’s performance.

Are there internship/practicum assignments?
Students must create student learning outcomes in collaboration with their on-site supervisor, document a weekly worklog of duties/projects, write a final paper and submit an updated resume.

Can international students do an internship or have an off-campus job?
Yes. International students can only participate in an internship or off-campus professional job if they are earning academic credit for the position. Once an internship is secured, students can seek CPT approval for the social security number. Please visit the Internship and Career Planning Office first to start the process.

Internship & Career Planning Office

(310) 303-7273

9.a.m. – 5 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

Campus location
In The Center for Academic & Professional Success (CAPS)
Cecilia Hall, Room 218 (current students) (graduates)